EMHS – ch205

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 205: Departure

But this wish is something that he will never be able to realize it in this life.

His Sitong has left him forever.

Xiao Bao’s beautiful blue eyes sparkle, and he extends his little hand to wipe away the tears on Bai Yichen’s face. His childish voice has a rare moment that it isn’t cold, but it carries a touch of softness instead, “Uncle, don’t be sad, that big sister said… that what she’s most afraid of is her senior brother feeling sad…”

Bai Yichen abruptly straightens himself and no longer lingers, quickly departing.

Gao Chenyu is stumped, then he doesn’t think too much about it and just quickly tries to catch up, “Brother, wait for me!”

“Brother, why are you leaving?!” Before Shen Xiaoru could react, Bai Yichen is already leaving. She anxiously shouts, “Senior brother, aren’t you coming Tianyuan City with me to see my mother?”

The response that she receives is Bai Yichen walking farther and farther away, and within a blink of an eye, his back disappears into the distance.

Shen Xiaoru stomps her feet in anger, saying through gritted teeth, “Lin Sitong, that slut, even in death, my senior brother is still occupied with you. Serves you right to die without an intact corpse, to die far away from home!”

However, thinking that Lin Sitong is already dead, even if brother misses her now-

if she waits long enough, he’ll naturally forget about her.

When that moment comes, wouldn’t it still be her that will conquer Senior Brother?

Thinking of this, Shen Xiaoru’s state of mind finally gets a little better.

Nevertheless, she still fiercely glares towards Muyan, “Jun Muyan, if you didn’t blab so much, senior brother wouldn’t have left! Who told you to talk about that little slut, Lin Sitong?”

Muyan raises her lips a little, but the smile doesn’t reach her eyes, “You can follow after Bai Yichen and leave with them.”

Shen Xiaoru’s expression suddenly becomes sluggish, and she says with a forced smile: “Of course, I should deliver you back home first, Muyan-sister. Father and mother miss you dearly! Alright, without further delay, let’s hurry up and go to Tianyuan City right away!”

As soon as she turns around, Shen Xiaoru’s face reveals a malicious expression.

Jun Muyan, how can I leave without first sending you back into Tianyuan City’s pit of fire?

You didn’t die in the Wuwang Mountains, so wait until you enter that hellish fate, then those things that Ghost City sends you would still be mine!

Muyan watches her back figure hurrying to enter the carriage. She lowers her eyes and a mocking smile curls up on her face.


It’s approaching noon when Muyan’s party has finally entered Tianyuan.

Before she goes to the Shen family however, Muyan doesn’t have Yan Haotian and Feng Haitang go with her.

“You two will wait here for the Magistrate to come delivering the gifts, then you’ll hand him the special draughts that I refined just recently. After that, you don’t need to come to the Shen residence. Directly go inside the city to buy and set up a courtyard for me.”

Feng Haitang looks at the not-so-distant Shen Xiaoru, “If we don’t follow by Miss’ side, what if the people of the Shen family bully you, Miss?”

Muyan chuckles, “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t place a mere Su Yuexiang in my eyes*.”

Su Yuexiang, she is the current mistress of the Shen family, in charge of managing the household, she is also Shen Xiaoru’s mother.

Feng Haitang still wants to say something, but Yan Haotian pulls her away leave.

Feng Haitang only knows that Muyan is very strong, but she doesn’t know to what extent that may be.

Who else understands Muyan’s strength better than Yan Haotian?

Feng Haitang’s small hand is grasped within Yan Haotian’s large and rough palm.

It jumbles her mind and all the words that she’s about to say are swallowed back down.

She just willingly allows him to hold her like that, obediently lowering her head as she follows behind him to go into the center of the city.

On the beautiful face that is usually as cold as ice and frost, a rare blush appears.

Muyan watches the pair’s departing figures and she can’t help but raise the corners of her mouth.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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