EMHS – ch204

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 204: Must Personally Avenge

The area where they are has simply become deserted.

Not a single beast dares to approach.

At one point, a bird carelessly falls and it immediately produces cries of alarm, flapping its wings with all its might to flee.

Gao Chenyu and Shen Xiaoru both believe that it’s Bai Yichen’s grief and anger, that the pressure unconsciously coming out of him is scaring the Strange Beasts away.

However, only Xiao Bao and Muyan bow their heads to look at white-haired rabbit as it turns on its belly, it’s sleeping soundly.

During this night, the rabbit has gained another layer of fat around itself.

And nobody noticed that the all the Strange Beasts of Wuwang Mountains had started to disappear without a trace, just as the fat rabbit was coming back.


The sky is bright and their visions are unobstructed. All of them very quickly return to the mountain road.

Yan Haotian and Feng Haitang are waiting in front of the carriage.

Seeing Muyan and Xiao Bao arrive, the pair doesn’t show any signs of nervousness or anxiety. They just respectfully make their salutations, then push the curtains aside.

Muyan doesn’t depart right away, but looks towards Bai Yichen.

After settling down throughout the night, Bai Yichen seems to have calmed down.

Only the rims of his eyes are still slightly red.

However, Muyan doesn’t know if he’s settled down into cool-headedness, or quiet insanity.

Bai Yichen steps forward and respectfully bows towards Muyan, with his hands held in front, “Many thanks to Miss Jun and the Little Gongzi for helping Sitong. This immense grace and enormous favor, I’m afraid that I, Bai Yichen, will not be able to repay it in this life, so I can only hope that in the next one…”

“Call me Muyan. This is my son, Xiao Bao.” Muyan says softly, “In a sense, one can say that I’ve also accepted a favor from Lin Sitong. Therefore, there’s no need for you to repay me.”

Without Lin Sitong’s contract with the sacred beast egg, it’s most likely that Muyan would have been a step too late, allowing Gong Qianxue to obtain a sacred beast.

However, Lin Sitong’s misfortune that arose from many causes, that violent death could also be attributed to her rebirth.

This is what she owes Bai Yichen and Lin Sitong.

Muyan fixes her eyes on Bai Yichen, softening her voice as she says: “Gong Qianxue and I, we are enemies that cannot live under the same sky. There will come a day that I will consign her to eternal damnation. Bai Yichen, would you be willing to wait?”

Bai Yichen stares blankly at first, then an expression of gratitude appears in his eyes.

However, he still shakes his head. There isn’t sliver of hesitation in his eyes, only an unyielding determination.

“Muyan, thank you for your kindness. However, Sitong is my wife that hasn’t passed through the door*, who is now killed. I don’t care who killed her, this hatred is something that I must personally avenge!”

  • Marriage ceremony, making it official.

Muyan knows that Bai Yichen has already set his mind

Nobody would be able to change it.

She softly sighs again, and tosses him a bottle of draught, “If you drink this during a critical moment, maybe it could leave you a chance to live. If you need my help, go to the Ghost City to look for a Shenshu holder. Even if you want to take revenge, you can only report it by keeping your life.”

“Uncle Rabbit Lantern.” Xiao Bao steps forward and opens his hand, placing a black bead on Bai Yichen’s palm, “This is from the rabbit to you.”

Bai Yichen is stumped. He accepts the black bead but he can’t see anything special about it.

Also, the rabbit giving this to him, what does that mean?

Looking at the fat rabbit in Xiao Bao’s arms however, he watches it turning its body and stretching it’s paws – relishing a sound sleep.

But since it’s Xiao Bao’s regards, Bai Yichen shows a rare smile.

He reaches out and gently strokes Xiao Bao’s head, “Sitong, say, had we gotten married, had you given me a baby boy, a baby girl, if so… maybe… maybe our children would be as cute as Xiao Bao!”

Tears can’t help but roll down from his eyes once again.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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