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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 199: Background

As Dai Xiang gives the presentation, the Ghost Envoys at the back promptly open several of the boxes and chests.

Golden-bright and dazzling jewels are revealed from within, along with rare and precious herbs.

Gao Chenyu heavily swallows down his spit.

Shen Xiaoru’s eyes stare fixedly, greed and longing in her gaze.

All of these, if they were hers…

Dai Xiang also sees the greed in Shen Xiaoru’s eyes and he can’t help but smile in disdain, saying in a clear voice: “The Ghost King has ordered that these will be the gifts of Ghost City for Miss Jun, and Ghost City will make life difficult for whoever dares to rob it.”


Shen Xiaoru’s heart, which was just burning fervently, suddenly falls from the high clouds.

She’s gnashing her teeth in rage, and her eyes that look at Muyan are almost spurting fire.

“These stuff are too much and too heavy, how can we pass through Wuwang Mountains tonight? Jun Muyan, are you going to kill us on this road because of your selfish desires?”

Muyan has yet to speak,

Dai Xiang already replies with a sneer: “This girl should be at ease. These things given by Ghost City do not come with unreasonable conditions. This subordinate will follow after Miss Jun and escort these gifts to the gates of Tianyuan City. Moreover, this subordinate doesn’t place mere Strange Beasts in my eyes. There are no need for certain people to have groundless fears!”

Gao Chenyu snaps his eyes wide open to look at Dai Xiang, then to look at Muyan.

Ghost City’s Magistrate would actually personally deliver them to Tianyuan City.

This Jun Muyan, what exactly is her background?

To say nothing of Gao Chenyu and Shen Xiaoru, even Muyan herself is a little surprised.

She and the Ghost City are just in a cooperative relationship. Why would the Ghost City come with a present, as well deliver it this way, after hearing about her departure?

This treatment is too good, isn’t it?

What’s more, Xia’an’s Ghost City was almost completely looted by her.

Why would they be overly-courteous and send so many gifts to her?


Xia’an, Ghost City.

“Ghost King, do we really need to gift so many treasures to Jun Muyan?” a Magistrate says sullenly, “This is half of our Ghost City’s treasures ah!”

Xia Yi sends him a fierce glare, gloomily replying: “You think I want to? But this is the orders of the Ghost Emperor himself. That we must absolutely, unconditionally properly wait upon this Miss Jun, never neglect her!”

If the Ghost Emperor were to come over himself, he only fears that the entire Ghost City would be handed over to Jun Muyan.

The question that rises up in Xia Yi’s mind is the same as that of Gao Chenyu’s:

This Jun Muyan, what exactly is her background?


At nightfall, the sky gradually darkens along with the setting sun, until the last rays of twilight disappears under the horizon.

Within the Wuwang Mountains, the howling of beasts could be heard every now and then.

Hidden among the bushes, it’s as if you can see a pair of gleaming green eyes.

“Aaah! I don’t want do die, I don’t want to die! Brother, save me!”

Shen Xiaoru shrieks, wanting to throw herself to Bai Yichen, but finds that she pounced on empty air.

She has no alternative but to settle for the next best thing, and tenaciously clings unto Gao Chenyu’s arm, shaking and screeching, “What to do? What to do? Although the Strange Beasts in Wuwang Mountains only come out at night, but each of them have the strength of Earth Stage at least. We only have four people, we’re screwed this time… wuu wuu, I don’t wanna die!”

Gao Chenyu ruthlessly shakes her hands off, indignantly saying: “Shen Xiaoru, you still have some face to open your mouth? If not for you being a goblin, we would have already arrived at Tianyuan City, not trapped here in the dark!”

Shen Xiaoru stumbles a bit from that push. She looks flustered, her resentful gaze impulsively turns towards Muyan, “Didn’t I say that we should ignore the life and death of this woman? If we left them behind, wouldn’t we have already passed through before dark?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. Already tired of that Shen idiot. At least the main female villain is smart which makes her scheming interesting and not annoying 😒. Thanks for the chapter!!


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