EMHS – ch198

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 198: Ill

Jun Muyan, this slut, even letting the servants by her side to bully her one after the other!

But no matter how angry she is this time, Shen Xiaoru doesn’t dare to be rash once again.

She grits her teeth towards Muyan: “Can we go now?”

Muyan smiles mockingly: “Let’s go.”

Gao Chenyu sees that Muyan will really go to Tianyuan City with Shen Xiaoru, and he can’t help but have fervent thoughts. He looks expectantly at Bai Yichen.

He’d been stuck in a bottleneck for quite a long time now.

If he can journey together with Jun Muyan, maybe he could ask for a Philter of Barrier Breaking?

Bai Yichen considers it for a moment, then he steps forward: “If you don’t mind, can you allow us to travel with you?”

“Senior brother, are you really going to follow me back to the Shen family and meet my parents?!” Shen Xiaoru hears that Bai Yichen is going to Tianyuan City and she immediately gets so excited that she she ignores the pain on her hand.

Gao Chenyu rolls his eyes once again, simply giving up on this woman’s shamelessness.

Yichen-brother was obviously talking to Miss Jun.

Who wants to see her parents?

Is this person ill?

Bai Yichen doesn’t pay attention to Shen Xiaoru, looking towards Muyan instead.

Muyan leisurely smiles: “Why not? What do you say, Xiao Bao?”

Xiao Bao, who’s holding on to Muyan, nods expressionlessly.

He doesn’t find uncle rabbit lantern annoying.

Bai Yichen’s mouth slightly twitches up, a gentle and soft smiling expression bubbles up in his eyes.

Shen Xiaoru sees this scene, and the entire person trembles from anger.

Slut! Slut! Slut! You can only be arrogant at this time!

Wait until we’re at the Shen family, and let’s see if you’ll still look good!

She resists her anger and loudly says: “What are we still dawdling for? If we can’t get to Tianyuan City before dark, do you want to be buried at the Wuwang Mountains inside the belly of a Strange Beast?”

The Wuwang Mountains is the mountain range that extends all the way between the cities of Xia’an and Tianyuan.

There are very unusual and nocturnal Strange Beasts inside, extremely fierce and often appearing in groups.

Ordinary practitioners are simply unable to deal with them.

Thus, the average person doesn’t dare to go through this mountain range once it’s dark.

Otherwise, it would be an act of courting death.

Just as everyone is about to mount a horse or climb into a carriage,

There’s suddenly a couple of men on horses coming from inside the city walls, speeding towards them.

It’s still carriages this time.

But it’s not passenger carriages, but ones that are intended for cargo.

Then are more than twenty carriages, all of them completely filled with boxes.

Leading them is a middle-aged man, he has an ordinary appearance, but his eyes are glorious and understated.

Even Bai Yichen is completely unable to see through his cultivation, and he can’t help but show a look of astonishment.

The caravan of horses carrying goods finally comes close, and the middle-aged man dismounts from his horse and walks briskly to arrive before Muyan. He bows in salutation: “Ghost City’s newly-appointed Magistrate Dai Xiang sees Miss Jun!”

Hiss–!! Gao Chenyu gasps in a mouthful of cold air.

Wh-wh-wha… what?! Ghost City’s Magistrate?

Is, isn’t that a Precelestial master?!

Moreover, that’s a Magistrate of Ghost City a!

Why is he so respectful to Jun Muyan?

Shen Xiaoru is struck as dumb as a wooden chicken, momentarily completely unable to react.

Still, Dai Xiang can’t manage their reactions.

He raises his head towards Muyan and shows a fawning smile: “Ghost King Xia heard that Miss Jun is leaving Xia’an to take up residence in Tianyuan, so he specially let this subordinate to prepare a humble gift for you, hoping that you and the young gongzi will have all food and necessities ready once in Tianyuan City, and settle down comfortably.”

Saying this, he turns and motions towards the boxes behind him.

“There are plenty of clothes for all four seasons for Miss Jun and the little gongzi, quite a few antique treasures, some ancient books of music, as well as rare draught ingredients that Ghost City had just put together. Hope Miss Jun wouldn’t dislike them.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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