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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 200: Let Me Eat Until I’m Full

Gao Chenyu is practically going insane from this woman’s shamelessness, so he flings his sleeves resentfully and no longer pays her any attention.

Muyan carries Xiao Bao and takes a seat on a huge boulder, smiling leisurely as if she’s not in the depths of a danger zone, but on an outing along green hills and clear waters.

It’s just her gaze that turns towards the distance from time to time.

Tsk… that stupid rabbit, it can’t be that it’s indulging in the pleasure of eating and has forgotten home and duty, to the point that it doesn’t want to come back, right?


This is what happened:

After entering the path within the Wuwang Mountains, the sun has already begun to set.

Shen Xiaoru truly bitterly hates how gently Bai Yichen treats Muyan and Xiao Bao, yet there’s only a disdain beneath contempt* towards her.

  • Idiom: ignoring someone

Add that to her idea that if Muyan dies within the Wuwung Mountains, those treasures that Magistrate Dai Xiang would deliver tomorrow, wouldn’t they all belong the the Shen family – that is, belong to her?

So her mind becomes becomes feverish, and malice is born within her guts, so she goes and cons Muyan to go deeper into the Wuwang Mountains.

Of course, in reality, Muyan herself wants to enter into these mountains.

That’s because as the sun begins to set in the west, the fat rabbit also begins to get restless in the space, with that stance that says “I’m starving to death, it’s rare to that there’s so much food nearby, hurry and let me eat until I’m full!”

Thus, Muyan casually pushes the boat and goes straight inside the mountains.

Shen Xiaoru is proud of herself!

She is certain that Muyan will surely not come out from there.

Not expecting, that after learning that Muyan has gone missing within the Wuwang Mountains, Bai Yichen and Gao Chenyu would insist on going inside the to search.

The sky is dark and gloomy, and she could already hear the faint roars of beasts.

There’s no way that Shen Xiaoru would stay at the mountain road all by herself, so she can only follow them in.

As a result, they’re able to find Muyan, but they’ve gotten themselves lost within the darkness of the Wuwang Mountains.

At this moment, Shen Xiaoru has really failed to steal the chicken and only lost the rice*- her insides are all twisted in fright.

  • try to gain advantage and only end up worse off.

However, she completely thinks this is not her problem,

thoroughly blaming Muyan for it instead.


Bai Yichen abruptly steps forward, getting in front of Muyan and Xiao Bao.

His eyes are staring attentively at the shrubbery not far from them, “In a moment, I will hold up the Strange Beast, you run with Xiao Bao first.”

Muyan couldn’t help but look at this young man.

She could still see through Bai Yichen’s cultivation.

High Heaven Stage.

It certainly wouldn’t be a problem to deal with one or two Strange Beasts of this Wuwang Mountains.

But the problem is that all the Strange Beasts in here almost always appear in groups.

Once caught in a tide of beasts however, it would be certain death.

Yet even at such a time, he still wants her and Xiao Bao to run first?

As she’s thinking, there’s suddenly the sound of howls, and dozens of red-tailed wolves try to outdo each other to rush out, bloody mouths wide open like sacrificial bowls.

“Aaah–!!” Shen Xiaoru screams, tumbling down to the ground from fear and almost fainting.

Time seems to slow down at that instant.

Bai Yichen’s sword is drawn out of its sheath, the blade flashes, and splendid light and shadow dance along with each slash.

In a blink of an eye, blood splatters everywhere, and severed limbs from wolves fly out and scatter.

On her side, even Muyan praises it: outstanding sword-play.

There’s no danger on Bai Yichen’s side for the time being.

However, Gao Chenyu is almost unable to support himself.

That’s because the idiot Shen Xiaoru, after losing her soul to fear, has even clung to Gao Chenyu’s legs.

Several wolves pounce over, and Gao Chenyu could still dodge them, if only he’s not impeded by Shen Xiaoru.

He can only watch helplessly as the gaping mouth of a red-tailed wolf comes to bite his head.

“Brother, help!!”

Gao Chenyu shouts, his eyes are already showing despair.

In his heart, he hates Shen Xiaoru to the extreme.

Bai Yichen sees his junior brother in a critical situation, so he jumps over and leaps towards the other. His swords streaks up in the sky and it gleams with a harsh light. In a wink of an eye, the pressure forces the majority of the red-tailed wolves to retreat.

But there is still a single wolf, a fish that escaped the net, that pounces towards Bai Yichen.

Sharp claws ferociously scratch down, along with a crackling sound. The mask on Bai Yichen’s face shatters, and the sword is blocked.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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