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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 85: Third Slap

“But you also saw that just now, after Yan Lie dodged that sound blade, it actually turned around to attack his back.”

“Who can avoid this kind of attack?!”

The faces of several practitioners reveal horrified expressions. They acknowledge that, had they been in Yan Lie’s position instead, they would have been more cornered and more miserable.

Yes ah, cornered and miserable!

What happens next is Yan Lie thoroughly demonstrating those two words in front of everyone.

The sweet tinkling and thrumming of the zither flows out from the young girl’s scallion-like jade fingers.

What it brings about is not only a music that reverberates around the rafters for three days*, but also a solemn medium for murder.

  • sonorous and resounding

Is Yan Lie weak?

No, he is very strong. How can you say that a peak Heaven Stage martial practitioner is weak? In the Ghost City of Xi’an, you can’t find one or two people that are stronger than him.

However, such a powerful expert doesn’t have the ability to put up a sliver of retaliation under the siege of this girl’s zither.

Countless sound blades continuously assault, forming a hurricane, and trapping Yan Lie inside.

No matter which way he moves, he would still be hindered and attacked by the sound blades.

The wounds on Yan Lie’s body continue to increase, and the Internal Force inside him is consumed faster and faster.

That’s because he can only resist the sound blades by incessantly operating his Internal Force. Otherwise, he would have already been hacked into into seven or eight pieces by these blades.

However, these sound blade attacks are still not what Yan Lie dreads the most.

Instead, it is the psychic attack contained within the sound of that zither.

Within his mind, he begins to endlessly witness the scenes of him getting betrayed and abandoned, as well as seeing the scene where he was facing the moment of his death.

Rage, hatred, agony, despair… all the negative emotions rushes to his mind like a tide.

“Aaahhh!!!” Yan Lie screams loudly, “Bitch, slut! If you have the ability, let me out now, I’m going to kill you! Kill you!”

Muyan skillfully strums the strings, leisurely saying with a smile: “Great Commander Yan, I have done no injustice for your hatred, yet for what reason must you insist on killing me?”

Yan Lie’s mind is already experiencing total breakdown at this time. After hearing the question, he roars back loudly: “Because you’re blocking Qianxue’s way, you are obviously younger than Qianxue but your cultivation is far higher. If you’re allowed to live, then how can Qianxue still be called Yanwu Continent’s first genius?!!”

This statement from Yan Lie’s mouth is the same as completely admitting the fact that Gong Qianxue is not as good as Muyan.

The spectators at the Beast Fighting Colosseum flare up once again.

“As I said earlier, this girl is much more powerful than Gong Qianxue! Haha, what Yanwu Continent’s number one genius, it turns out to be nothing but an undeserved reputation!”

“Hmph, I, this old woman had already especially disliked that Gong Qianxue. Announcing how great she is all the time, with a bunch of men circling around her. Haha, and now she’s getting slapped?”

“Just where did this girl come from, because Yanwu Continent’s list of official rankings will be updated from now on!”

Muyan doesn’t give the slightest amount of attention to the crowd’s eager eyes.

She just plucks the zither strings as she continues to ask, “Oh? You care so much about Gong Qianxue. For her, you’re willing to do anything?”

“Of course!!” Yan Lie proudly proclaims as he resists the sound attacks, “Qianxue is my life’s savior, my goddess, and the only person in the world who will not abandon me. For her sake, I’m willing to do anything!”

Muyan goes silent for a moment, and her gaze glides to the not-so-distant man inside the iron cage. She faintly says: “For her sake, you will even kill and burn Yan Haotian’s whole family to annihilation?”

“Hahahaha… yes… yes, I murdered Yan Haotian’s entire family! So what about it?!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  2. LOL. Now wonder she is playing with him. She is forcing him to confess and he is so dumb to do it in public and face slap Gong Qianxue each time he opens his mouth.

    He obviously is in a lot of pain not realizing the words coming out of this mouth.

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  3. Even if she doesn’t kill him here you know the Green Tea Bitch Gong Qianxue will just to get him to shut up.
    He’s been by her side long enough, he should have known better…( ̄▽ ̄ |||)

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  4. “The sweet tinkling and thrumming of the zither flows out from the young girl’s scallion-like jade fingers.”
    scallion-like, huh? Kind of an odd point of reference, some how being scallion like doesn’t seem flattering.
    Thanks for the chapter.


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