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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 86: An Abandoned Wretch

“Hahahaha… yes… yes, I murdered Yan Haotian’s entire family! So what about it?!” Yan Lie laughs, “Qianxue saw the kid and let me go recruit him, but who allowed him to reject? Since he didn’t know how to tell good from bad, I went and killed his whole family, cut his tongue, sold him to Ghost City, hahaha… once he had experienced for himself, a time when the days of his life are in complete desperation, when he is neither a man nor a ghost; then, Qianxue will descend from the sky to save him. Would he still not shed tears of gratitude to Qianxue? When that moment comes, he would be just like a dog beside Qianxue, one that Qianxue could order around as she pleases. Hahaha…”

“Aaah!!! Ah -!!!” At a side, Yan Haotian’s crazed roars can be heard coming from within the cage.

The bloodshot eyes seem insane as they glare at Yan Lie in hatred.

The heavy iron cage is violently shaking from his rattling.

Those pair of blood-covered hands produce a creaking sound, like breaking bones. Unexpectedly, it’s in fact the sound of the rigid iron cage breaking as it is bent open.

Muyan’s deep and cold eyes look at Yan Haotian’s mad and suffering appearance, like seeing a distant past.

The Yan Haotian before her is really pitiful.

Just because of his outstanding talent, and his surpassing perseverance and temperament; he has to bear the ruin of his clan and the death of his family, such an outcome. So that he can be trained as a dog for Gong Qianxue.

And just how much better was her own past life?

Just because she was pregnant with an Immortal child, she suddenly had her stomach cut open and her womb removed. The object of her Blood Sea Vendetta was clearly right in front of her, but she had been so blind, and so dim-witted to have instead dedicated her life for the other.

As for this pawn of Gong Qianxue, Yan Lie, he is also just a wretched fool.

He thinks of Gong Qianxue as his Savior and goddess, but in Gong Qianxue’s eyes, what is the difference between him and a dog?

She listens to Yan Lie’s loud and incessant laugh: “In the whole world, only Qianxue will not betray me, will not abandon me. As long as it’s for Qianxue, I am willing to do anything…”

Muyan couldn’t help chuckle in derision, “Do you really think that Gong Qianxue won’t abandon you? Why don’t you look up now and see, if the goddess in your heart cares about your life?”

Yan Lie is startled, interrupting the movement of his Internal Force circulation. His body is instantly slashed by a sound blade, cutting open a wound that reveals some visible bone.

But he simply couldn’t care less as looks up at the direction of Private Room Seven instead.

Only to see that the people are gone and the place is empty, there’s no shadow of Gong Qianxue there.

Even the presence of the two guards following at Gong Qianxue’s side have disappeared.

“Do you see?” Muyan taunts, “As soon as you were trapped inside my wind blade, and was determined to be completely worthless, she had already stealthily ran away. That’s because she knows that if she stays, she would only suffer greater humiliation. I might even demand that she fulfill our bet, and have her crawl out of Beast Fighting Colosseum. As for your life or death, haha, she never even cared about it.”

All the martial practitioners in the scene couldn’t help but start talking loudly.

Indeed, none of them had noticed when, but Gong Qianxue had already snuck away.

People with discerning eyes can see that Yan Lie had participated in a duel for Gong Qianxue.

Now that Yan Lie is trapped in a dangerous situation, Gong Qianxue has unexpectedly sneaked herself out.

This has caused many people to think that Gong Qianxue’s behavior is extremely disgraceful.

Some people couldn’t help but mockingly laugh: “It turns out that the so-called kindhearted and righteous outer facade of the Princess of Jing Cheng Country, is nothing but her angling for fame*.”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  2. Yes expose her.
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  3. I’m still waiting for the reveal that Yan Lie’s tragic backstory was also orchestrated by Gong Qianxue. I just know it’s coming.
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