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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 74: Bidding

“Sabre-toothed tiger!! It’s an early Earth Stage Sabre-toothed tiger, it’s seriously so formidable a!”

“It’s over, this beast-slave number three is set to lose today!”

“That might not be the case. I have heard that even though he’s only the peak of Profound stage, this beast-slave number 3 has the strength to compete against an Earth Stage. During this month of his stay in Beast Fighting Colosseum, he had consecutively won about a dozen matches! ”

Above the platform, Ru Yan smilingly says: “Ladies and Gentlemen, are all the present practitioners ready? There is still a quarter of an hour before the Beast Fighting match begins. Inviting everyone to pick bets.”


In a private room.

Muyan is happily eating some fruits with Xiao Bao while they’re watching the fight on Beast Fighting Colosseum.

Far from them, Yan Haotian is released from the cage. Standing in front of the huge saber-toothed tiger, he looks just as small as an ant, like one could easily trample him to death.

The voices in the crowd becomes even more heated as they bet on the saber-toothed tiger to win after seeing this contrast.

Muyan looks to the side and sees her son’s cold and exquisite little face, his bulging cheeks are smeared with fruit juice. She can’t help but pull him over for a kiss, smiling as she asks, “Xiao Bao, who do you think will win between the two below?”

“Number Three.” Xiao Bao says with an expressionless face.


“Because niangqin picked him.”

Muyan sees her son’s deadpan bet on her, and she can’t help but kiss him again.

The result of the fight is just as Xiao Bao said.

Number three wins.

And he also won relatively easily.

Only his shoulder blade is mangled from the claws of the saber-toothed tiger.

Beast slave number 3 is placed back into the cage and Ru Yan’s figure once again appears on the platform.

“Before the match, two guests had paid a deposit, wanting to buy Beast-Slave Number Three. We will now start the bidding between our noble guests from room No. 1 and room No. 7. The base auction price for Beast-Slave No. 3 is 500,000 gold coins. .”

When Ru Yan stated this, the entire Beast Fighting Colosseum suddenly bursts in heated discussions.

“Good Heavens! Five hundred thousand gold coins just to buy a beast slave. Who can afford that?!”

“You can’t say that, this beast-slave no.3 is indeed powerful. If someone brings him back to good health and grooms him, he could definitely turn into their left and right arms!”

In the No.7 VIP private room, Gong Qianxue hears that someone else had bid for him, and she feels a burst of annoyance.

Yan Lie takes a glance and immediately says some words to the maid waiting beside them.

The maid hears what was said, she smiles and loudly announces: “The noble guest from room seven bids 600,000 gold coins!”

“Ya! To go as far as immediately adding 100,000 gold coins, really has a big handwriting!”
deals with huge sums of money

In the private room No.1, Muyan leisurely quotes a price –

“One million gold coins!”

As soon as this statement comes out, the entire Beast Fighting Colosseum immediately explodes to the sky.

“Adding 400,000 gold coins all at once, just who is this holiness in private room one?!”

“Just for a beast-slave, this is too extravagant!”

Gong Qianxue can barely maintain her soft, gentle and subdued expression, her beautiful pair of eyes revealing a malevolent light.

In the end, who is it that doesn’t have eyes and actually dares to fight with her.

Although a million gold coins is nothing for a princess like her, it’s really a loss if it’s used only for buying a single beast slave.

Especially after Jin Hong Men, which was originally a large source of money for her, had been extinguished.

It really hurts her flesh to further spend one million gold coins just to buy a beast-slave.

But after thinking about it, Gong Qianxue nevertheless clenches her teeth and shouts: “One million and one hundred thousand gold coins.”

In private room No. 1, light as a feather, Muyan quotes her second bid: “Two million gold coins!”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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