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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 73: Why is it No. 3 Again

When Gong Qianxue sees Yan Haotian’s blood-covered and scarred appearance, she immediately shows a distressed expression, “Are you hurt? Don’t be afraid, I’ll get you out of here soon.”

Saying that, she shows no aversion to the filth as she reaches out to touch Yan Haotian’s wounds.

As she does that, Yan Haotian roars angrily and swats her hand.

Yan Lie sees the red marks on the back of Gong Qianxue’s hand and he immediately erupts in anger.

He picks Yan Haotian up by the collar, and ruthlessly slaps his face..

Ye Ling flings him away and Yan Haotian tumbles to the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Yan Lie hasn’t vented enough, still moving to continue with the beating, but he is pulled back by Gong Qianxue. “Brother Yan, don’t be like this, I’m fine. I believe that he didn’t mean it…”

Then, she crouches down in front of Yan Haotian once again, quietly and softly saying: “Would you like to tell me what you’re name is? My name is Gong Qianxue, Jing Cheng Country’s princess… don’t be afraid, your bitter suffering has come to an end, I’ll save you out of here as soon as possible… but you first have to promise me that you’ll win your next Beast Fighting match, okay? Because I can only ask to buy you from the Ghost city if you win in the arena… after leaving the Ghost city, I will definitely let you live a good life… won’t you believe me?”

Any normal person, who had struggled for months within the dark world of the Beast Fighting Colosseum, will surely be emotionally moved if he hears a beautiful girl saying that she wants to save him.

Not to mention that even though this beautiful girl is country’s princess, but she is still so gentle and so patient with him. She doesn’t even blame him for hurting her just a moment ago.

Gong Qianxue is very confident in her mind.

She believes that after he gets out, this beast slave will definitely be willing to die for her.

Sure enough, the eyes of this beast slave glows brightly after hearing her words.

To anyone who sees it, it seems that this beast slave is brimming with the west king’s will to fight, all because of Gong Qianxue’s words.

Satisfied, Gong Qianxue leaves with Yan Lie.

At the entrance, Yan Lie takes out the initial deposit and gives it to the ghost envoy, saying: “I want to buy the beast slave number three.”

The Ghost envoy reveals a strange expression, “Number 3?”

“Can’t do it?”

“No! Of course you can!” the Ghost envoy takes the deposit and gently mumbles to himself, “Why is it number three again?”

However, Gong Qianxue and Yan Lie hurriedly left so they didn’t hear it.


At noon, the match officially begins.

Two cages covered in black cloth are pushed to the center of the Beast Fighting Colosseum.

The first cage is four or five meters high, it is as big as a house. The other is a cage shorter than two meters. Beside the first cage, the latter appears very dainty.

Immediately afterwards, a seductive figure of a woman appears on the high observation platform.

As soon as the woman appears, the crowd immediately bursts into enthusiastic cheers, “Miss Ru Yan, miss Ru Yan…”

“Greetings to all the martial practitioners, who had spared some time in order to watch the Beast Fighting match today.”

Ru Yan smiles sweetly, her voice crisp like a yellow oriole.

Although she doesn’t raise her voice to speak loudly, everyone could hear her properly and clearly because of this Ghost city’s strange formation.

“Appearing on the stage today, one is an early Earth Stage saber-toothed tiger, and the other is beast-slave Number 3 of the peak Profound Stage! Ladies and Gentlemen, which side do you think will emerge victorious?”

As soon as Ru Yan’s voice is heard, the cages are simultaneously uncovered by yanking away the black cloths using ropes hanging from above.

“ROAR!!” an earth-shattering beast roar shakes through the sky.

Several people in the audience go terribly pale from the powerful pressure, coming from the giant creature revealed before them.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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  1. Mu Yan, Ru Yan, Yan Lie, Yan Haotian anyone else starting to have trouble keeping track of who’s who?
    Thanks for the chapter.


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  4. Can you do that? Someone already bought number 3, why take the deposit of another person? How will the owner be decided? Let the beast slave choose? That’s illogical


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