EMHS – ch58

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 58: An Immortal from the Ninth Heaven

“Hahaha… Liu brother, you wouldn’t know! There are a several girls here that came from well-off families! They were like chaste and upright women when they were first caught. Before they were given Xiao Yan Powder, they still haven’t changed into the cheap appearance they show now.”

Saying that, from his feet, the killer grabs a girl’s chin up. With spittle and the smell of alcohol, he arrogantly says, “Dog bitch, why don’t you say it too?”

Tears of desperation trickle down the girls face, but to her shame, she couldn’t suppress a lascivious moan from spilling out her mouth.

At that moment, there’s suddenly something fluttering down from the sky.

Pink, petal-like things fall to the ground, and on the killers’ faces and bodies.

“What’s going on? Is it raining?”

“That’s not it. These are more like… petals?”

“But there aren’t any flowering trees around this yard, where would the petals fall from?”

Everyone is astonished. Unexpectedly, a melodious, pleasant sound of a zither could be heard from the distant horizon.

The thrumming and tinkling of the gentle notes are like pearls and jades falling on an ice tray, like the murmur of water running though mountains and rivers.

As the sound of the zither gets nearer, the music also becomes more moving.

From the high mountains and flowing streams, it slowly becomes a soft and euphonious language.

The killers of Jin Hong Men all exhibit expressions of intoxication, pairs of bleary eyes turn to the direction that the sound is coming from.

The “petals” are flowing abound, falling faster and in more volume, almost covering every part the killers’ bodies.

All of a sudden, from what they could see from the gaps in the petals, there’s a figure descending from the roof like falling snow.

The breeze blows through the pure white clothing, setting off the translucent jade complexion of the young woman. Those exquisite features stunning all the killers below.

Someone slightly gapes his mouth, not noticing the flowing drool as it patters down.

Another one pushes away the girl he’s unrestrainedly violating, lowly muttering, “Beauty, I want this beauty…”

When the young woman in white finally lands on the ground, her hair is slightly wind-tossed; amidst the petals wafting through the air, a small limpid smile is embellished on her lips.

Like an enchanting Immortal from above the Ninth Heaven that had strayed into the mundane world.

Someone gulps their spit down, eyes turning red.

Another one is already unable to stop himself from unsteadily walking over, lecherous swine hands stretching towards the girl’s delicate face.

The girl in white’s smile deepens further; jade fingers are like white scallions as they lightly pluck on the zither strings.

Boom – a single sound, the killer who is closest to the girl in white, like exploding fireworks, instantaneously blossoms into a dazzling red, spiking out and falling down

This unexpected development immediately snaps the killers back into wakefulness.

One of them can’t help but scream, “Who are you, dare to…”

The strings move, boom. Another sound, another man’s body explodes. It was the one who spoke. As with the previous man, no flesh is left intact. His entire body had turned into a mangled corpse within a blink of an eye.

“Who- who are you?!”

“Why… how did she kill?!”

“It’s the petals, the petals that have stuck to our bodies are from a special mysterious plant. So quickly, get rid of them!”

On the square, the killers of Jin Hong Men go wild, screaming and swatting away the petals that had fallen on them.

It was just moments ago that they felt that the petals were so beautiful, now they think how they are overwhelmingly dreadful.

And this beautiful girl in white is worse than a fiend, making them lose courage and tremble from the chill!

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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