EMHS – ch57

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 57: To Cut the Weeds and Eliminate the Roots

After listening to Muyan’s words, Lou Beiyu suddenly sobers up from his surprise and excitement. “Master, you… you’re leaving?”

Muyan nods, there is a tranquility in her eyes like clouds floating along a gentle breeze, “In these lands under the heavens, there is no such thing as an everlasting banquet.*”

  • All good things must come to an end.

“But you, you’ve killed people of Jin Hong Men for me. Their influence is very large within Chi Yan Country and Jing Cheng Country. If people from Jin Hong Men encounter you, they will certainly take revenge. Master, don’t you come to the Chi Yan Royal Palace with me? I will definitely protect you.”

Muyan chuckles, “Who said that I killed them for you?”

Lou Beiyu stares blankly.

He hears the pleasant voice continue, “With or without you, I won’t let off a person from Jin Hong Men. Well then, idiot disciple, until next time. Xiao Bao, let’s go!”

Xiao Bao obediently stretches up his soft and fair little hand, allowing Muyan to hold on to it.

Lou Beiyu is astonished, and the pair of mother and child doesn’t bother with him anymore, they just drift away.

Not waiting for Lou Beiyu to voice any questions, their figures have completely disappeared out the door.

Xiao Bao raises his head to look at Muyan. At this moment, he could sense that his mother looks odd somehow.

Although that beautiful face is still adorned with a charming and indolent smile, those peach eyes contain a dense, biting chill.

“Niangqin, where are we going?” Xiao Bao can’t help but ask.

Muyan bows her head and smiles sweetly at her son, “Niangqin is going to… cut the weeds and eliminate the roots.”


As the night falls, darkness shrouds the sky.

There was an originally unregulated outlying area located between the borders of Chi Yan Country and Jin Cheng Country. Since seven or eight years ago, a teahouse called “Kuai Hou Grove” was built there.

For a teahouse, the area occupied by the establishment is incredibly large. There are food, drinks and beautiful women inside. Everything one needs to gamble and while the time away could be found here. This has attracted a lot of martial practitioners to rush here, stop over and spend.

However, who would have thought that this place with all the colors of spring, like a money squandering establishment, is actually the headquarters of Jin Hong Men – the first assassin organization in Chi Yan Country.

“Kuai Hou Grove” is divided into two, inner and outer, layers. The outer layer is the area where guests partake in merrymaking, and the inner layer is the place where the people of Jin Hong Men spend their time to vent after they have completed their missions.

At this time, on a yard with the sky as the curtains and the ground as the floor, dozens of bare-chested men have gathered, making lewd and lustful laughter.

In front of them, there are about a dozen beautiful women that have been drugged. There is confusion in their eyes as they tear the clothes on their own body.

“So uncomfortable… give me the drug…hurry and give me the drug…” A girl cries out in pain, her clothes are torn and tattered, but her eyes are filled with pain and despair.

The killers of Jin Hong Men laugh more complacently, more savagely, “Do you want the drug? Then hurry up and obediently kneel on the ground to lick your uncles’ feet, hahaha…”

The young women are a hundred times unwilling, but the onslaught of the drug to their bodies gives them so much agony that they want to die.

Translucent tears fall from their eyes but they can only sink down to their knees. Like a dog, crawling over to lick the feet of the killers, as they are shamed and humiliated by these bastards.

The killers laugh even louder.

This is the favorite pastime of the people from Jin Hong Men. They capture and bring in innocent women, get them addicted to the Xiao Yao Powder that would make them abandon their nature, and become like dogs to be toyed with.

These young women absolutely hate this, but when the effects of the drug flares up, they experience an agony worse than death that these women would have no choice but to lower their heads.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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