EMHS – ch7

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 7 Search! Give me a thorough search!

Half an hour later, MuYan opens the door, one hand supporting her waist, and the other cradling her belly. She slowly and carefully walks out of the run-down room.

If one only observes her current actions, she seems like an incredibly gentle mother.

Behind her however, the newly-opened door reveals a room filled with human remains.

Each corpse is cut open from the chest to the abdomen. The five viscera and six bowels were dug out when they were still alive. (heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys; gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, truncal cavities, bladder)

Their eyes are wide open, and no one can close them. There is only boundless terror, pain, and despair in their eyes.

As if they have witnessed the most dreadful hell on earth.

Jun MuYan did not take a second glance at the bloody scene behind her, but throws back a newly lit torch.

The raging fire, under the bright sun, flares up further.

The dense smoke rises up and covers the sky above the house with a layer of dark grey.

When a group of men in black arrived on horseback, it had long burnt to the ground. They are unable to find even a shadow of a person.

Several black people look at each other, and saw the anxiety and disbelief the other’s eyes.

At this time, a white horse carrying a woman comes in a lightning-fast gallop.

It can be seen that the woman has a slender figure, a purple dress on her body and a conical hat on her head. Her face is covered by a veil, only hinting on her pretty facial outline.

As soon as she sees the ruins of cinder and ashes, the woman’s voice becomes ice-cold and surly, like it could drip water. “What’s all this? What of the fetus that I want?”

“A… answering the Lord, this lowly one does not know how it’s become like this as well, it should have been perfectly secure…”

“Waste!!” The woman gets a whip into her hand and raises it, fiercely lashing it towards them. After striking several times, she says in clenched teeth. “Search for me, even if only the corpse remains, I’ll dig it out!”

“Yes, Lord!”

After a short while, several men in black hurriedly rush to report, “Answering the Lord, there wasn’t a corpse that belongs to a pregnant woman.”

“You mean to say that she ran away?”

“Rest assured, Lord. Although we did not arrange people around this house, the mountain is sealed and closely guarded by our brothers. If the woman really ran away, she absolutely can’t escape this mountain.”

The veiled woman grips the horse’s reins tightly in her hands, the face under the veil turned green then white.

If she wasn’t so scared of being discovered that she’s acquiring an immortal child, she would’ve gone and taken the fetus herself, then there would be no accidents.

She thinks that the insignificant little girl absolutely cannot do anything unexpected.

Cannot expect…

“Search! Give me a thorough search!” The woman fiercely commands, “Even if you dig three feet beneath the ground, you must find and capture this woman and her child!”

“Yes, Lord!”


After Jun MuYan left the run-down house, she did not escape the mountains like what that white woman’s men had expected.

Instead, she turns to the opposite direction and went deeper into the mountains.

This part of the mountain area, the deeper in you go, the denser the trees become, the more secluded.

Layers and layers of leaves accumulate, rotting quite a bit, and have slowly become a swamp due to the buildup of rainwater.

There are countless poisonous insects, snakes and rats in the forest. There are even some unnamed strange beasts that are comparable to Primary grade practitioners.

No one would have thought that Jun MuYan would go deep into the mountains.

Since an extremely delicate pregnant woman like her would only meet death if she ever enters this wilderness.

However, Jun MuYan’s expression is unperturbed. Although her footsteps are slow and heavy, they are remarkably resolute.

Roar – ! A beast’s roar could be heard, coming from in front of her.

The leaves rustle, and a huge leopard appears. Bright green eyes stare at MuYan with hunger and cruelty.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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