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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 8 A Little Bean Sprout Appears

The leaves rustle, and a huge leopard appears. Bright green eyes stare MuYan with hunger and cruelty.

However, when its gaze collides with MuYan’s pair of bloody eyes, the huge body unexpectedly shudders for some reason.

An inexplicable dread creeps throughout its body, and the wild beast’s instinct of forbearing danger makes a single thought come to the forefront of its mind—run.

The leopard crouches down and bares its teeth, giving off a threatening growl.

Then, it steps backwards, retreating away from MuYan’s line of sight.

MuYan straightens her waist, guarding her belly that’s getting more and more painful, and continues to slowly move forward.

“Baby, hold on for a while, just hold on for a little while.”

One step at a time, one hour and then another.

By the time when the day had completely turned dark, she finally found the markings that lead to a cave.

MuYan’s has a light smile on her lips as she gently strokes her abdomen, “Baby, look, we finally found it.”

In Yanwu Continent, there is a very rare spiritual vein of within this cave.

Training one’s Internal Force alongside the spiritual vein would allow one to advance, in a speed three or four times faster than normal.

In the past life, she accidentally discovered this spiritual vein but she foolishly handed it over to Gong Qianxue.

In this life, this will be the birthplace of her child.


Time flies, and a few years had gone by in a blink, rushing past.

In the past few years, there have been many major events that occurred in Yanwu Continent.

For example, in the first nation [Huang Yao Country], there emerged a name of an alchemist who could refine the Third Rank Ice Heart Pill – Jian Feng. After the Ice Heart Pill was released, it caused a sensation in the whole Yanwu Continent. Jian Feng became the great Alchemist that everyone sought after.

Then, in the middle nation [Zhong Cheng Country], news came out that their princess Gong Qianxue had broken out of Earth Grade, and while only 22 years old, had become the youngest Heaven grade powerhouse.

Another one in the lower nation [Chi Yan Country], a meteor had fallen in their land – a sign that a precious treasure is about to come into being. This is why many practitioners have gathered in Chi Yan Country.

However, all these has nothing to do with Jun MuYan, who is deep into the wilderness of the secluded mountain area.


Four years had passed, in an unnamed forest.

“ROAR!!” an earth-shaking roar resonates through the skies, and a powerful suppression instantly fills the atmosphere.

When they heard this roar, the smaller animals that wander the forest immediately tremble in fear, and scatter to flee in all directions.

Quickly afterwards, an enormous ancient tree shudders and down comes a huge black bear.

Looking at its eyes, they are a peculiar red. Its hands still hold a dead animal, and brings said animal to its mouth, chewing one mouthful of it at a time.

If people had been present at this moment, they would have found to their horror that this black bear is a strange beast.

And its level has reached the disquieting [Profound grade].

The Martial Practitioner Levels in Yanwu Continent are divided into the cultivation levels of: [Entry Stage, Primary Grade, Profound Grade, Earth Grade and Heaven Grade].

[After Heaven Grade, it is the Precelestial powerhouse. ]

Only by breaking through the Heaven Grade and reaching the Precelestial realm can one be considered to have a foot stepping into the realm of true cultivation.

However, throughout the whole Yanwu Continent, the formidable people that have achieved the Precelestial realm could be counted with only one hand.

Most of the martial practitioners have their cultivation stuck on either the Entry Stage or the Primary Grade.

In this way, it could be seen how frightening this Profound grade black bear is.

Suddenly, the black bear stops chewing, and its small savage eyes turn to look down below itself.

What it sees is unexpectedly a Little Bean Sprout that had stood there since who-knows-when.

It is but a young boy – four or five years old, with a height that is even shorter than the stubby legs of the black bear.

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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