EMHS – ch6

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father 

Chapter 6: Regret? Too late
Jun MuYan steps closer, fresh blood covers her like an Asura from Hell. Su Jinzhu and the rest are frightened out of their wits. Mouth stretched open, wanting to scream, but only the able to utter “ah ah”.

At that moment, Su Zhiyong’s voice comes through the doorway.

Niang, YuLan, what’s taking you so long? Daren is still waiting at that place!”

Upon hearing Su Zhiyong’s voice, Chen YuLan, together with the rest, have seemed to see the light of hope, their eyes brightening.

The three of them don’t have any power, but Su Zhiyong is already an Entry Stage in Martial Arts.

It should just be a very easy matter to deal with Jun MuYan, a pregnant woman with a bulging belly.

“Ah-ah–ah–” Chen YuLan opens her mouth and tries hard to shout.

Su Jinzhu and Su Baozhu see this and immediately follow along in calling out.

Jun MuYan calmly and unhurriedly walks toward the direction of the door, not having the slightest bit of intention to stop them from calling out for help.

“What’s the matter? Yulan? Mother, sister? Answer me!”

“If no one says anything, I’ll just come in!”

Bang – bang – bang, sounds of violent ramming comes from the door.

In a moment, the dilapidated room has its door broken.

Chen YuLan and the others have blood and tears across their faces, their eyes are filled with hope and longing for that life-saving straw.

It is at this time when Jun MuYan, who had been waiting by the door, raised the dagger.

Just as Su Zhiyong comes in, she charges with the dagger and aims it on his shoulder then ruthlessly plunges down.

Su Zhiyong can’t even scream out, he goes limp and collapses.

MuYan hauls the unconscious Su Zhiyong, slowly dragging him towards Chen YuLan and the rest.

The trio’s ecstatic expressions that appeared just moments ago, freeze on their faces and slowly turned into disbelief and despair.

How is this possible? !

Jun MuYan is nothing more than an Entry Level Martial Artist, a pregnant woman that can’t even truss a chicken. How could she have easily subdued Su Zhiyong who is also an Entry Level?!

MuYan raises the corners of her mouth in a secretive cold smile.

All these, can be said to be thanks to Gong Qianxue!

If not because she wanted to repay Gong Qianxue, she wouldn’t go and learn how to heal and make medicine; naturally, she wouldn’t have learnt the art of acupuncture.

At the shoulder point, acupuncture can resolve blood stasis and swollen chest, but it can only be five marks deep with a needle, never deeper.

If you stick it deeper, the patient will faint.

She stabbed a dagger very deeply in Su Zhiyong’s shoulder acupoint. How could he not faint?

“Dear sister-in-law, haven’t you always been worried that cousin will go outside and to pick the flowers and trample the grass, go and cheat on you? Won’t it be better that I do this for you now, than to leave trouble for later?”

Saying so, she takes the dagger on her hand and uses it to gently tap Su Zhiyong’s head.

Su Zhiyong gave a muffled groan, and slowly comes to consciousness.

However, before he becomes fully aware of what’s happening, MuYan lifted her foot and stomps on the root of his progeny.

“Aaaahh –!!!” The mournful screams reverberate within the entire room making it seem to shake violently. Dust falls from the roof from time to time.

Taking her foot back, MuYan chuckles and says, “How about it? Does sister-in-law feel satisfied? I can’t know how it’s like for you to dig out the child from my belly, comparing it to watching your husband turn into a eunuch: which is more fun, more fascinating? Sister-in-law, how do you plan to thank me?”

“Wuu hu hu!” Sobbing, Chen YuLan frantically shakes her head.

Lunatic! Lunatic! Lunatic!

This Jun MuYan right now is a lunatic through and through.

She is scared, she regrets, she should not have provoked such a lunatic.

But it was too late, everything is already too late!

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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