EMHS – ch5

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father 

Chapter 5: Like A Devil

The hand holding the dagger is suddenly twisted, then flesh is torn, and the heart gets ruptured.

Su-shi’s miserable shrieking is pinched at her throat, the mouth is open, but no sound escapes from her.

At the moment of her death, she can’t begin to understand why she was the one to die, when Jun MuYan is obviously the lamb to be slaughtered?

“Mother! Mother!! Mother, don’t scare me, wuu wu wu!”

“Bitch, you actually killed my mother!”

Su Jinzhu and the others recover from the shock caused by Su-shi’s death, only to find that Jun MuYan had already severed the remaining ropes, and is getting up from the bed.

The trio initially felt righteous indignation filling their chests, angry condemnations at the tip of their tongues – yet when their eyes behold Jun MuYan’s demeanor, fear made their hands and feet go cold. They find it hard to even speak.

“Jun… Jun MuYan, you… don’t you mess around. You killed my mother so my father and my aunt will not let you off!”

MuYan chuckles, and with a dagger lazily spinning in her hand, a heavy bulge on her belly – she approaches the trio step by step.

When it comes to age, Jun MuYan is only 14 to 15 years old, and is much smaller than Su Baozhu.

However, the imposing momentum she exudes at this moment is causing all three of them to feel intimidated to the point where their bodies feel weak.

Most notably, her face is splattered with the blood that came out of Su-shi’s body. White clothes had turned blood-red. However, she did not seem bothered enough to wipe it. Instead, she smiles faintly and reveals pearly-white teeth.

It looks identical to an Asura that climbed out of hell for revenge.

The youngest, Su Baozhu, couldn’t stand it anymore and screams. She turns and intends to run.

She is suddenly caught by her hair and yanked right back.

With a loud noise, Su Baozhu crashes into the wall and passes out.

When Chen YuLan sees this, a fierce expression clouds her features. She grabs one of the wooden stools at her side and rushes toward MuYan.

The swell of her stomach hinders MuYan’s movement to dodge, her head suffers under the blow, and the stool breaks into pieces of wood.

“Ha…haha… stinking cousin, think I’ll let you run wild…”

Before she can finish what she’s saying, Chen YuLan suddenly felt a piercing pain at her knee. Immediately after, her body wobbles as she becomes unsteady where she stands; she tumbles down.

The blood on MuYan’s forehead keeps flowing down and begins to mix with Su-shi’s blood, becoming increasingly garish and horrifying.

She doesn’t try to wipe it off and just leaves it as is, but she carefully guards her stomach. Then, she finally turns to Su Jinzhu who remains standing.

“Devil… you’re a devil that wants to kill… help, help!!”

Su Jinzhu yells loudly and proceeds to rush out. MuYan aims the dagger in her hand, hitting the center of the other’s lumbar region.

“Ah-!” Su Jinzhu shrieks as she completely loses sensation below her waist. She goes on falling to ground, her body continuously having spasms.

While supporting her waist, MuYan exerts a lot of effort to drag the three wailing people together as they cry out.

She gently caresses her belly, “Baby, these animals are too noisy, are they bothering you? Don’t worry, Niangqin will shortly make them… unable to be noisy again.” (Niangqin will be used instead of ‘mother’)

As soon as she says that, the dagger flashes coldly, and three tongues neatly fall side by side on the ground.

“What to do next?” MuYan twirls the blood-stained dagger, chuckles, “You all seem to be particularly fond of cutting others’ stomach open. Hehe, actually, I like it too! That being the case, this is the proper behavior based on reciprocity! You’ll open up my stomach to dig out my child; I wonder what I could dig out if I open your bellies? Will I get some black hearts and black intestines?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

T/N: As an Asian, Niangqin has a more pleasant and appropriate feel to me compared to ‘mother’, or ‘mommy’. ‘Mother’ feels too formal while ‘mommy’ has that immature connotation. For new CN novel readers, I’ll try to slowly ease these terms in.

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  1. Damn… just get on with it, kill the lot then off you go as you are in a very dangerous situation right now. Thanks.


  2. …..14-15 yo? Then…. she at least begin to have sex from age 13. If it’s with a fully adult man, won’t that hurt terribly? (thinking face)


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  5. You’re Chinese so ofcourse Niangqin feels natural to you, to us it’s a pointless pinyin, if you start pointlessly adding that i may aswell drop it, mother or mom works perfectly fine.


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