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Chapter 554: Master Recognition
    Muyan’s fingers softly trail along the slightly cold strings under her hands. She finds it somewhat incredible.
    A sentient being such as a Device Spirit, she’s only ever seen them within legends in ancient texts.
    She never thought that an inanimate thing like a zither could actually give birth to a real, living person.
    “You… woman, have you no sense of shame!!”
    While she’s being absent-minded, she suddenly hears the young man’s flustered and discomfited voice.
    As soon as she raises her head, Muyan sees that the beautiful young man across from her is flushed, his lovely eyes are glazed.
    Slightly pink due to his indignance, the originally pretty countenance appears all the more charming and uniquely attractive, alluring even.
    Muyan shows a confused, blank look, “What did I do?”
    That said, her fingers still subconsciously strokes the zither.
    “Oh–!” a low moan, like a whimper, escapes from the young man’s mouth. Soon after, he flies into humiliated rage, loudly roaring, “Woman, you don’t have any sense of honor, do you? How could you just touch my body as you please?!”
    “Your… body?”
    Muyan repeats in a mumble. Soon after, she comes to a slow realization. Her fingers once again fiddle with the strings.
    Only to watch the youth in front of her once again muffle a moan. His skin, sparkling and clear as jade, flushes a sweet pink. But even in his anger, he seems to laugh intermittently – that is, furious one moment and impassioned in the next.
    Ho… hold on!
    Dumbstruck, Muyan pulls her hand back, “You… you can’t mean, when I touch the zither, it’s like touching you?”
    Qi Huang furiously glares at her, “Woman, I’m warning you. You, you, you… behave your hands for me. Don’t just casually touch this Sage’s body again, you hear?”
    Muyan is sluggish for quite a long time, before she comes back to her senses, “But this Tian Mo Qin is my attack weapon, I can never touch it anymore? Moreover, when I played this zither before, I didn’t see you react in any way!”
    “Hmph, that’s because this Sage was originally inside the Tian Mo Qin, and was merged with the zither. Without any physical senses as a Device Spirit.” Qi Huang grinds his teeth and says, “Bear this in mind for me – later on, whenever this Sage is outside, you are not allowed to touch that zither, do you hear? Otherwise, this Sage shall tear you into pieces.”
    The young man across from her speaks of savage threats, but his appearance is just too bright, too good.
    Like this, not only are his threats unconvincing, it instead makes Muyan’s hand itch, very much wanting to pinch his face.
    However, she still manages to restrain her impulse to laugh. With a wave of her hand, she puts the Tian Mo Qin away and stands up, saying: “Why haven’t you appeared before? Does everyone who were named to be owners of the Tian Mo Qin know of your existence?”
   “Hmph, what a joke. Do you think that just about anyone could make this Sage recognize them as Lord?”
    Qi Huang gives her a disdainful, cold look, “For the past thousands of years, the only ones who have seen this Sage are two individuals. One is the founder of the Shen Musicians, Baili Liuyin, and the other one is you.”
     For thousands of years, the Tian Mo Qin had been used by countless people. Eventually, it had also been used by the disciples of the Shen Musicians.
    But after Baili Liuyin, no one was able to call Qi Huang out again.
    That’s because, as far as Qi Huang is concerned, the blood of all those previous owners were not hot enough, their minds were neither sharp nor strong enough, their wills were not tenacious enough.
    Insignificant commoners, how could they possibly qualify to become his Lord?
    Therefore, after Baili Liuyin’s death, Qi Huang had fallen into a deep slumber.
    Even later, when the Shen Musicians were destroyed, he still didn’t wake up.
    Until Muyan’s scorching blood was poured over the body of the zither.
    It was at that moment that Qi Huang knew, the new Master that he’s been waiting for has finally arrived.


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