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Chapter 555: Too Weak
    But when he opens his mouth to talk, Qi Huang’s voice still carries aloofness and disdain, “As for this Sage not appearing before, isn’t it because you were too weak? Simply not enough energy to maintain this Sage’s Spiritual form.”
    “Even at present, you’re still too weak. This Sage can only appear for an hour at most, then I have to go back to sleep within the Tian Mo Qin.”
    Muyan coughs lightly, rubbing her nose with some dejection.
    In the Yanwu Continent, she’s practically an invincible existence already. 
    But people keep saying she’s ‘too weak’.
    Liu Se said so, Qi Huang said so, and even that guy Di Ming Jue said so as well.
    Is she really that weak and puny?
    “If you want this Sage to appear, you better hurry up and advance. Get yourself out of this damned place that doesn’t even have any Spiritual Power.”
    Qi Huang raises his chin, speaking with a tone of voice that carries an arrogance of one conferring an honor.
    The corners of Muyan’s mouth spasm, inwardly saying: Nobody ever said I wanted you to appear, okay?
    But remembering Qi Huang unlocking the [Seven Swords] skill for her, she swallows these words back.
    Even though she has yet to try it out, Muyan still realizes that at this moment, the Tian Mo Qin which has it’s Device Spirit awakened is on a completely different league to when the Device Spirit was lying dormant.
    Just then, Muyan observes that the figure of the young man across from her starts to blur, turning indistinct.
    “Tsk… so it’s only up to this duration!” Qi Huang discontentedly grumbles to himself.
    Soon after, as if thinking of something, he speaks with a solemn expression, “Remember, this Sage’s existence mustn’t be known to anyone, until the time comes when you can command godly power. Otherwise, even the people close to you, the people that you have faith in – they simply cannot be allowed to know.”
    “If your identity as a Shen Musician is discovered, you’ll only have the misfortune of getting killed. But if they come to know of this Sage’s existence…”
    Before Qi Huang could finish his words, his figure rapidly fades until it disappears.
    Muyan furrows her brows deeply because of those words.
    If someone discovers her identity as a Shen Musician, she’ll have the misfortune of getting killed.
    If such a consequence isn’t all that important-
    Then what exactly would Qi Huang’s existence entail?
    Furthermore, when Liu Se was at death’s door earlier, what did that insane smiling expression mean?
    Why did Di Ming Jue leave so hastily?
    Does he already know something? What did he want to do by suddenly leaving?
    Muyan slowly lifts her head, gazing at the tall tower, barely making out it’s uppermost part. Her expression is slightly absent-minded.
    Di Ming Jue, you promised me you’ll come back.
    You’re not allowed… to break your word!
    Xiuxian Continent, Tian Yi Men.
    The heavy and distant tolling of a bell resounds through the whole interior of the Tian Yi Men.
    Immortal Qi rising in spirals, through the ornate corridor and within the residence with painted walls, Leng Qingwan slowly opens her eyes. She coldly says: “What’s going on? Why is the [Zhen Spirit Bell] ringing?”
    As soon as her voice falls, two maids in light and graceful sleeved clothes promptly and quietly drift inside.
    They respectfully make their salutations towards Leng Qingwan, saying: “Reporting to young Mistress. Someone has activated the [Temple Destruction], their soul has returned to Tian Yi Men’s Altar.”
    Saying that, one of them hands her a very small silver mirror.
    Leng Qingwan takes the mirror, and the reflective side immediately flashes. Liu Se’s image appears.
    Seeing Liu Se’s nauseatingly ugly face, Leng Qingwan immediately frowns in disgust.
    “Who is this? Tian Yi Men had this kind of…” disgusting thing?
    “Cough…” the maid coughs lightly, humbly lowering her voice. Speaking a touch too cautiously, “The person over there has come to tell some news. The one who has returned to the Altar calls herself… Liu Se.”

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