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Chapter 553: Distinguished youngster
    Before Muyan could speak, Han Ye is already talking disdainfully: “The Pills refined by my family’s Madam are a hundred times better. Such bogus, trade secrets that are only able to refine quasi-Elixirs, how could she place it in her eyes? And you guys can only take this broken thing as a treasure!”
    Everyone: “……” Even though you’re quite right, when the thing that I want, which makes me insanely happy, is labeled as a broken thing by someone else – no one would feel all right about that!
    Muyan casts Han Ye a sidelong glance, icily saying: “Who is your family’s Madam?”
    Since they want to learn the Secret Method of Pill Condensation, plus the Gu bugs in the Ghost Wind Valley are all cleared out,
    The doctors who were originally planning to leave have all decided to stay.
    After Muyan has sent everyone away, she goes straight into the Space.
    From the start, she has been very concerned about something this whole time.
    About her Tian Mo Qin!
    When she was at her most desperate, that strange male voice, the one who broke her body’s limits for her, awakening the [Seven Swords] skill – just who was that?
    After entering the Space, Muyan sees that Xiao Bao has already fallen asleep while hugging the fat rabbit.
    His tiny form is nestled next to Di Ming Jue’s “body”.
    The little head is even using Di Ming Jue’s arm as a pillow.
    Muyan’s face reveals a smile, as soft and gentle as water.
    No matter how Xiao Bao normally acts, how he and Di Ming Jue oppose each other with equal harshness-
    Subconsciously, apart from Muyan, Xiao Bao feels closest to him, and is most dependent on him.
    After watching in a daze for a while, Muyan brings the Tian Mo Qin into the Tower.
    Fingers softly plucking on the strings, a corner of Muyan’s mouth goes up, an almost indiscernible arc, “Since you’ve already revealed yourself, why do you still bother hiding? Don’t tell me that you’re not prepared to come out and meet me?”
    “Little girl, do you know how many people in this world have dared to speak to this Sage in this way?”
    A deep, clear voice rings out.
    Following that, the zither under Muyan’s hands shines with dazzling rays of light.
    An image slowly appears in the spacious and empty tower.
    Muyan distractedly stares at the gradually solidifying figure before her eyes. Due to her surprise, her mouth slowly makes an ‘o’ shape.
    Appearing in front of her is, seemingly, a youth of eighteen or nineteen years of age, based on his outward appearance.
    Tall, a distinguished posture, face beautifully masculine, red lips and white teeth.
    It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the young man is incredibly stunning.
    For a man with such an appearance, perhaps only Xiao Bao (when he grows up) would be able to match it?
    But when such a beautiful youth opens his mouth to talk, it’s all “This Sage” this, “Little Girl” that.
     Muyan doesn’t hold back, breaking out into a giggling laughter.
    The youngster in front of her immediately creases his brows tight, his expression cold.
    However, this kind of gloomy look on him creates an inexplicably distinguished natural charm, bright as the moonlight.
    “Little girl, what are you laughing at?”
    “Ke, cough…” Muyan suppresses her smile. With sightly lifted eyebrows, “You seem to be about my age, why do you call me ‘little girl’ whenever you open your mouth? Are you taking me lightly?”
    The young man coldly snorts, “Don’t you know how many years this Sage has existed?”
    “How many years?”
    “When the Three Realms split up, and the Yanwu, Xiuzhen and Xiuxian Continents were first created, Tian Mo Qin was born from the vital energy of heaven and earth. How many years do you say have I existed?”
    Muyan’s pupils slightly contract, “Who exactly are you?”
    The youngster’s gaze falls on the Tian Mo Qin in her hands, “Haven’t you figured it out yet? This Sage is the Tian Mo Qin’s Device Spirit — [Qi Huang].”
    Sure enough, it’s the Tian Mo Qin’s Consciousness

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