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Chapter 528: Fulfilling the terms of the wager

Shi Lanling’s whole body shudders, and she fearfully lowers her head.

She sees the Ghost Slave’s hideous face, covered in blood, as it stops by her feet.

A pair of turbid, bloodshot eyes are firmly staring straight at her.

Within, there’s confusion, dread, as well as desperation for what’s about to befall him.


Shi Lanling lets out a shrill screech, her butt falling down to the floor.

Han Ye simply and casually wipes the blood off the sword in his hand, sneering: “As I said, if you dare to covet my family’s Lady, you’re simply courting death.”

Saying that, he beams at Liu Se, “Ghost King Liu, excuse me, I directly dealt with your subordinate on your behalf. You don’t have any objections, do you?”

Liu Se’s complexion is ashen, but she couldn’t come up with a single word to say.

Han Ye continues: “So what about that one? Do you still want me to go on and handle it for you?”

As he speaks, his sword is pointing at Shi Lanling, who’s on the brink of falling apart.

Liu Se slowly walks over, until she’s next to Shi Lanling.

Shi Lanling raises her head, looking at Liu Se with hope across her whole face, “Ghost King Liu, help me, save me! I don’t want my meridians destroyed, I don’t want to turn into a cripple…”

Before she could finish what she’s saying, Liu Se’s hand presses down on the crown of her head.

Along with a chilling breath, a powerful energy suddenly pours down from the top of Shi Lanling’s head.


There’s suddenly sounds from Shi Lanling’s body, like a leakage from a rubber water sack.

Soon after, everyone watches as Shi Lanling’s eyes, ears, mouth and nose, her five orifices; as well as the surface of her skin — they all have blood seeping out.

No, saying that it’s ‘seeping out’ would be inaccurate, it should be described as ‘gushing out’.

A few short breaths later, Shi Lanling limply falls down and lies on a pool of blood.

At this very moment, she not only has her meridians destroyed.

Even the bones on her limbs have fractured from the shaking.

And her appearance which could originally by regarded as outstanding, it has also become riddled with holes and sores, bloody pores.

The Great Hall is as silent as a grave.

Even the crowd of doctors who so hated Shi Lanling just a moment ago-

As they see her miserable state now, they couldn’t help but feel apprehensive.

The magnificent Fairy of the Ghost City, the alchemy genius that every person in the Yanwu Continent reveres, praises and envies-

In but a short instant, she’s completely crippled, turned into a mushy living lump that is no better than being dead.

And the one who did it is Ghost King Liu Se, this individual who should originally be on the same side as Shi Lanling.

Liu Se’s heart is so hard and black!

Liu Se takes out a handkerchief and wipes the hand that had just touched Shi Lanling’s head. There’s a smile on her face, “I wonder if this fulfills the terms of the wager? Is it to your satisfaction, Miss Jun?”

Muyan also responds with a smile.

But this smile simply doesn’t reach her eyes, “Ghost King Liu, now that the alchemy competition is over, and the bet has also been fulfilled, shouldn’t you let me examine the Ghost Lord’s illness?”

“Of course.” an obscure light flickers within Liu Se’s eyes, “Miss Jun, you’ve already proven your medical expertise, you’re naturally qualified to treat the Ghost Lord. Then please, Miss Jun, come and follow me!”

That said, not waiting for the other to respond, she turns around and walks to the back of the Hall.

The doctors see that Muyan wants to follow, and they immediately get anxious.

“Little girl, don’t go! That person is so vicious and merciless, who knows if she wants to do you harm!”

“That’s right! See how viciously she dealt with Shi Lanling, you must absolutely not believe this person!”

“The Ghost Lord is neither your relative nor your friend, there’s no need for you to take risks in order to save him!”

Muyan smiles softly, “Elders need not worry, I would naturally be careful and vigilant against this person.”

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