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Chapter 529: Must Save

Of course, the Ghost Lord is neither a relative nor a friend.

But from the way Han Ye and Ying Mei spoke about him, she could hear that this Ghost Lord Gu Yue should be quite close to them.

They’re merely hindered by the fact that they’re at the Yanwu Continent, they cannot set about as they wish and influence the destiny of the Continent. Therefore, they can only endure silently, unable to help.

They cannot help, but Muyan can.

Moreover, remembering her previous life – after not seeing the Ghost Lord when he was alive, and not seeing his corpse when he died – all the resources of the entire Ghost City went to Gong Qianxue.

This kind of development is something that she absolutely couldn’t stand.

Therefore, she must save the Ghost King!


“Halt! Ghost Sanctum, the people without any business here cannot come inside!”

Muyan follows after Liu Se, all the way to a hall in the deepest area of the Ghost Wind Valley.

But the moment she’s about to enter, several figures suddenly appear like apparitions, blocking in front of them.

Liu Se seems to have anticipated this kind of event, as she speaks neither fast nor slow: “Please notify the Ghost Lord’s Black and White Protectors, this is the Enchantress of Medicine Jun Muyan, whom I specially invited to come and treat the Ghost Lord’s illness.”

Hearing that, a man among the phantom-like group looks at Muyan. He frowns, but doesn’t say anything.

He promptly places a hand on his lips, blowing out a strange whistle.

The whistle stops, and the gate of the Residence produces a loud, rumbling sound as it opens.

A deep and resounding voice, and a thin and high voice, simultaneously call from inside, “Enter!”

Liu Se takes the lead and walks in, Muyan and Han Ye following behind her.

Soon, the scene inside the chambers enters their eyes.

They see a waiting room that is several times smaller than the Great Hall where they just held the alchemy competition.

But the furnishings in this reception hall is more luxurious.

The center of the lounge is empty, but two men are sitting on each side.

The man on the left is dressed head to toe in black, his appearance is on the rough side.

The man on the right is completely dressed in white, and his appearance is somewhat effeminate.

The deep and high voices just a moment ago must’ve come from them.

Muyan has also heard that every Ghost King has a pair of Black and White Ghost Servants.

And the Ghost Lord will have a pair of Black and White Protectors.

They’re called separately as the Black Reaper and the White Reaper. Although they belong to the Ghost City, they’ve only vowed loyalty and devotion to the Ghost Lord.

In all likelihood, these two are the Ghost Lord Gu Yue’s Black and White Protectors.

“Which one is the Enchantress of Medicine Jun Muyan?” again, the two people ask at the same time.

Muyan steps forward. With a smile, she says: “This humble one is Jun Muyan!”

Seeing her look so young, the Black and White Protectors both frown.

Liu Se casually finds a place to sit down, indifferently saying: “Protectors mustn’t look at Miss Jun’s youth, as her skills in medicine are godly and consummate, her Elixirs had defeated Shi Lanling, and she even countered the Ghost Wind Valley’s Poison Smog.”

“My humble self had worked hard and suffered great difficulties just to find her. Furthermore, I’ve confirmed that she is the person who would most likely be able to cure the Ghost Lord, and so, I’ve brought her with me.”

After she said that, both Muyan and Han Ye look at her strangely, their brows slightly furrowed.

This Liu Se had actually spoken on her behalf?

One could say that Liu Se seems to be in a hurry to have her go in and treat the Ghost Lord.


Listening to Liu Se’s words, the Black and White Protectors mutter to themselves for a while. In the end, they nod, “You can treat the Ghost Lord’s illness, but you can only enter by yourself.”

“What a joke!” Han Ye immediately refutes, “What’s to be done if Miss Jun comes to harm after she goes in? I must go in with Miss Jun!”

Saying that, he directly takes out the Dark Lord’s token, “By this token of the Dark Lord, I order you to allow me to go inside with Miss Jun.”

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