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Chapter 527: Sharp Face Slap

As soon as the Ghost Slave was made to move his hand, Shi Lanling had him carry Poison Smog.

When he struck to murder the Magistrate, the Ghost Slave had implanted the poison in the other’s body.

And so, if she said the Magistrate Liu died from the Poison Smog, then he definitely died from the Poison Smog.

“Damn it! Pah, ptooey… this old man’s bones are all falling apart because of that drop!”

Suddenly, they hear curses in the Great Hall.

They see the Magistrate Liu who had fallen among the rubble of furniture, sputtering as he’s standing up.

Meeting Shi Lanling’s flabbergasted face, he couldn’t help but split his mouth open, revealing a vicious smile, “Who told you that this little old man is dead?”

“You… how are you not dead?!” the Ghost Slave is even more astonished than Shi Lanling, he suddenly raises his nasty, hoarse voice, “My attack just now, it used my full power, and you broke through the Precelestial Realm just recently, how could you possibly survive?!”

The Magistrate moves his arms, spreading out his hands, “Tsk, tsk. That was full power? Little old me didn’t even get injured in the slightest. Well, all good!”

Saying that, he even jumps where he’s standing and turns a whole circle, very much like an old urchin, not caring about the incredibly infuriated people.

“How could this be? How is this possible?!” Shi Lanling desperately shakes her head, then she turns towards Muyan.

Muyan lets out a low laugh, slowly making her way to Magistrate Liu. She checks if he really doesn’t have any injuries on him before withdrawing her hand. Seemingly indifferent, she says: “Oh, yes. I forgot to mention the name of this Elixir earlier, didn’t I?”

“This Pill is the Improved Vein Shield Dan, which could provide resistance to the Poison Smog, treat mild internal injuries, and it’s most important effect of course, is that it can make you withstand the full strength attack of Practitioners up to high Precelestial Stage.”

Her gaze falls on Shi Lanling, and she drawls: “Shi-xianzi, with the similar Vein Shield Dan, which do you think is better, your product or mine?”

The entire audience fall into a deathly stillness.


“Hahahahaha…” a loud burst of unbridled laughter come out of doctors’ mouths.

A few of them are laughing so much, tears are coming out of their eyes.

“It’s actually the Vein Shield Dan, it’s also the Vein Shield Dan, to compare their potency, it’s simply a sharp and resounding slap in the face!”

There are even several venerated doctors who couldn’t help but stroke their beards, laugh to their heart’s content.

Moreover, the way they look at Muyan is already like they’re seeing a monster.

Then, it’s as if they finally realized something, as they suddenly clutch the Pills that Muyan had just given them.

Just like holding a rare treasure.

This is the Vein Shield Dan that can counter the Poison Smog!

Its value simply cannot be measured in gold.

“They’re both Vein Shield Dans, but one can only withstand an attack of a primary Precelestial, while the other can withstand an attack from a high Precelestial.”

“Not to mention that Dr. Jun’s had produced about a dozen Pills in a furnace, and they even have both Poison Smog Resistance and Healing Properties.”

“In this Alchemy Competition, who lost and who won, is that still not obvious? Haha!”

Everyone’s eyes simultaneously gather on Shi Lanling.

Shi Lanling’s face, which was still insolent just a moment ago, is now deathly pale and completely terrified.

She shakes her head desperately, shaking her head as she retreats, “No! No! I haven’t lost! I don’t want my meridians destroyed!”

“I am the Ghost City’s Shi-xianzi, a famous alchemy genius in the Yanwu Continent, you people cannot do this to me!”

Her horrified voice has yet to fade.

Han Ye’s figure suddenly disappears from it’s spot like a ghost.

With a slashing sound, blood splatters everywhere

A head goes flying high up in the air, and comes tumbling down with a rumble.

It rolls towards Shi Lanling’s feet.

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