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Chapter 523: Face thicker than a city wall

Afterwards, she turns towards the blank-faced Shi Lanling, lips curling up in a faint smile: “Shi-xianzi, earlier, you said that I was imitating how you do alchemy?”

Shi Lanling’s body suddenly jolts, then she fiercely glares at Muyan, “How is this possible? You’re clearly unable to perform alchemy! How could you possible Condense Pills!”

Muyan quirks up a brow, “When did I say that I couldn’t do alchemy?”

“If you could, then why did you ask for me to refine the Nine-Holed Golden Dan from back then?!”

Before Muyan could speak, Han Ye responds coldly: “That’s naturally because our family’s Jun Shang couldn’t bear to have the Madam work hard, so we just searched for an alchemist to come and do the hard labor. Anyway, so long as we provide the coin, how could we not find someone who could perform alchemy? It just so happened that Shi-xianzi was in the Ghost City, your services were convenient and cheap, and so Jun Shang chose you. We didn’t expect, tsk, tsk… being cheap meant shoddy work, for three Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers, you actually just managed to refine a single Nine-Holed Golden Dan!”

Those words are just blatantly saying that Shi Lanling is cheap trash.

Shi Lanling’s face turns green then white, her eyes are completely bloodshot, like she wishes she could devour a person.

Unfortunately, it seems like Han Ye hasn’t provoked her enough.

He continues: “Oh, that’s right, I just remembered someone was praising Shi-xianzi? Something about already being able to concoct Pills while she’s on her early thirties?”

“Haha, thirty years old, is being able to perform alchemy when you’re already so old such an amazing feat? Our lady is not even twenty, and she can concoct Pills! And the Elixirs she refines are still a hundred times better than yours. Some people view the sky from the bottom of a well, but they still want to boast around, really, their face is thicker than a city wall!”

“You… shut up!!” Shi Lanling couldn’t bear it any longer, raving, “Just what does this slut amount to? The Elixir she refines, how could they be better than mine?!”

“So what if she produced a dozen Pills? Look at the color and luster, the scent, how could it be mentioned in the same breath as my Vein Shield Dan?!”

While talking, Shi Lanling slowly calms down.

Her gloomy gaze flicks over to the Pills in Muyan’s hand, then she becomes more and more assured and confident.

If this was before, when she can only refine a level three Pill at most, perhaps she would still be a little afraid of the outcome.

But now, after she took the medicine that Liu Se gave her-

Not only was the White Jade Purple Frost removed from her body, and her appearance has become more beautiful, even her abilities in alchemy has received an enormous improvement.

Today, she easily produced a level four Elixir, when she couldn’t refine it before.

Moreover, it’s a level four, mid-ranked Vein Shield Dan.

Just taking it out would make the martial practitioners of the Yanwu Continent break their heads fighting over it.

Who knows what trick this slut Jun Muyan had used, pretending to refine an Elixir.

But there’s absolutely no level four Pills on the market, so the Pills that Jun Muyan has taken out are definitely of lower quality compared to hers.

The ultimate winner is still her, Shi Lanling!

Shi Lanling takes a deep breath, and she looks towards the Ghost Slave at the side, “What are you doing just staring blankly over there? Hurry up examine it, just what is the level of that Elixir?”

“Some people don’t really think that a dozen level one Pills could be compared to my fourth level Vein Shield Dan, do they?”

This sentence one again raises everyone’s hearts to their throats.

Right, the Pills refined by Muyan are indeed many.

But from their appearance, they’re completely inferior to the luster and appeal of Shi Lanling’s Pills.

Among everyone present, Han Ye is the only one who believes in Muyan one hundred percent.

That’s because he knows better than anyone else, the Pills made by Muyan, that the more ordinary and unremarkable they are on the outside, the more stunning their effects would be.

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