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Chapter 524: Broaden your horizon

That’s because all the medicinal effects have converged inside the Pill, without the smallest leak to the outside.

Otherwise, a Xiuxian Continent Immortal like him wouldn’t thicken his face and follow behind Muyan all the time, hoping to get more Pills.

The Ghost Slave quickly steps forward and picks up a Pill, sniffing and closely examining it. Soon after, he frowns.

“Ghost King, this slave couldn’t tell what exactly this Pill is, neither can I determine it’s level.”

The slave looks at Liu Se, “This slave has never encountered this Elixir before.”

“Ha… haha…” hearing what he said, Shi Lanling immediately laughs, “As expected, Jun Muyan, you’re really just playing around with some junk, wanting to fool everyone! You really take us all for fools?”

Muyan indifferently says: “Just because he couldn’t determine the level of the Elixir, it already means that these Pills are junk? What are his credentials?”

“Hmph, stop this deathbed struggle!” Shi Lanling viciously says, “Even though alchemy isn’t something that just anybody can do, when it comes to Pills, everyone in the Yanwu Continent knows all about them. Since nobody could recognize the Elixir that you’ve made, and even this Ghost Slave couldn’t determine its level, it must certainly be useless trash.”

“Ah…” Muyan lets out a low chuckle, her exquisite peach blossom eyes slightly turning up, painting a languid and charming arc, “The frog at the bottom of the well, ill-informed and narrow-minded, yet still have the nerve to croak so much here.”

“Don’t you want to find out if this Pill is truly garbage? Why don’t I broaden your horizons right now?”

Saying that, she walks several steps forwards with a leisurely gait.

Then she stops just beside the still-unconscious Magistrate Liu.

She stuffs the only remaining Pill in her hand into Magistrate Liu’s mouth.

At this moment, the Magistrate is already moribund, on the verge of death.

The black fog that Liu Se had released on him earlier was the Poison Smog.

The reason why Magistrate Liu, unlike that doctor, didn’t die on the spot-

It’s merely because his cultivation is quite high.

For the time being, his Internal Force is resisting the onset of the Poison Smog.

But it’s also just stalling whilst at death’s door.

A quarter of an hour more, and he will inevitably be like that doctor, his entire body will rot and he will die.

Seeing Muyan’s actions, Shi Lanling stares blankly at first, then she laughs out loud, “Jun Muyan, you don’t really think that you can solve the Ghost Wind Valley’s Poison Smog by just relying that junk Pill that you’ve refined, right?”

“You should know that this Poison Smog has already been around for hundreds of years, and nobody has ever been able to solve it. It couldn’t be that, since you know you’re going to lose, you’ve lost your mind and have gone insane?”

Muyan pays no mind to her heckling.

After directing the Pill to enter Magistrate Liu’s body, she immediately stimulates the Internal Force to dissolve the Elixir within him.

At the side, Shi Lanling and the Ghost Envoys are still unscrupulously jeering at Muyan.

But all of a sudden, an exclamation of surprise echoes within the Great Hall, “All of you, look at his face!!”

It is Dr. Wang who has spoken up.

He looks like he’s seeing the most fantastic sight in the world, “The… the dark blotches on his face are slowly fading, his breathing has also become stable… gods! Cured… the Poison Smog in his body is really clearing out.”

In a split second, Shi Lanling and the Ghost Envoys-

Their laughter suddenly gets stuck on their throats, sounding like the loud quacking of a duck.

It’s like Shi Lanling is staring at a ghost, she wouldn’t believe it even if you kill her, that Jun Muyan could really counter the Poison Smog.

Liu Se is even more tensed than Shi Lanling.

She’s practically pouncing towards Magistrate Liu, wanting to grab and examine him.

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