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Chapter 522: Inconceivable

There’s only the debris of that shattered Pill Furnace below, as well as the sporadic flames jumping about.

Earlier, not a single person cared about these flames.

Thinking that they would just die out before long.

But as they look closely at this time, they find that not only are the flames still burning-

They also seem to be covered with a layer of a soft silver glow.

With the melodious sound of the zither, the blazing flames, those sediments of the decoction condenses just a little bit.

It’s at this moment that the faint form of the Elixirs emerge.

Pill Condensation!

In spite of everything, it really is Pill Condensation!


Muyan’s fingertips flick gently, and the Qin music suddenly becomes sharp and resounding.

The next moment, the silvery light seem to get even more brilliant, wrapping the Elixir, coating them with a layer of silver.

Then a rich, alluring scent comes out.

Seeping into everyone’s nostrils, their pores.

“Sss–! This, what is this scent, smells so good, I’ve never smelled an Elixir that’s as fragrant as this!”

“I- I really want to swallow that Pill into my belly now. Smelling this medicinal fragrance, I could feel my body’s Internal Force flaring.”

In the waves of discussion, the sound of Muyan’s zither slowly comes to an end.

The flames in the detritus of the furnace tripod slowly die out as well.

But there’s about a dozen silvery lights that shoot up like meteors, finally falling before Muyan.

Muyan reaches out to grab them, then slowly spreads out her hand.

All of them get to see a dozen black Pills lying on the hollow of her palm.

The whole audience immediately sinks into a deathly silence, you’d hear it if a needle were to fall.

After a long time, it bursts into a loud rumbling applause and gasps of admiration.

Made it, she really made it, without that disgusting Chi Gu, she’s able to refine Pills.

Dr. Song and the others, all of their faces are flushed with excitement as they encircle Muyan.

Just now, they were truly drenched in cold sweat because of Muyan.

Fearing that this young girl with boundless prospects would really have her meridians destroyed, and get sullied by that hideous beast.

Beyond their expectations, she actually refined Pills.

And after the Furnace explosion, she used such an outrageous method!

Whoever heard of anything like being able to control flames with the absence of a Dan Furnace, using just the empty air, and being able to refine an Elixir?

“When the Furnace blew up just now, it really scared this old man to death. Little girl, I thought that you’re truly going to lose!”

Dr. Du strokes his beard, speaking with lingering fear.

“Right? Why did that Pill Furnace explode?”

In the face of these Elders protecting her, Muyan reveals an indulgent smile, explaining: “That’s because my method of alchemy incorporates too much energy, this bronze furnace tripod is too lacking in its ability to withstand it. As a result, the Furnace was unable to bear it and ultimately blew up.”

It’s actually because the energy incorporated while concocting Pills was too strong?!

Everyone takes a look at the shattered bronze Furnace, then again at Muyan, their faces are overwhelmed with shock, horror and amazement.

Does this little girl know what she’s saying?

This bronze tripod is the most popular alchemy furnace in the market. Even the Heavenly Road Sect uses this kind of furnace tripod to refine Elixirs.

How did they never hear of anyone who could blow up this furnace while concocting Pills?

Just how powerful was the energy that was poured into it?

Furthermore, normally, it’s already considered a lot if a furnace was able to refine five or six Pills.

What about Muyan? Clearly blowing up the Pill Furnace, left with an extremely small amount of Dan Fire, but still able to refine about a dozen in one go.

This… this is simply too unimaginable!

The only strange thing is that the Pills that were emitting a rich fragrance just a moment ago have now turned black, looking very ordinary, and one simply couldn’t see anything special about them.

Muyan offhandedly distributes these Pills to the doctors present.

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