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Chapter 521: Furnace Explosion

The Pill Furnace seems to be unable to withstand some powerful energy, as it’s shaking nonstop.

Then before anyone could react, they hear a loud boom.

The whole furnace tripod bursts open with an explosion, sparks flying about in all directions.

The people in the Great Hall are somewhat blinded for an instant.

Shi Lanling’s incredulous voice comes to grinding halt, going silent for a brief moment, then she suddenly erupts with absolutely unrestrained laughter, “Hahaha… a furnace explosion, it’s actually a furnace explosion. Jun Muyan, you’ve lost!!”

Didn’t she say, without the secret method of Pill Condensation, and only relying on Internal Force, how could Jun Muyan possibly be successful?

Just now, ‘using zither sound to perform alchemy’, it was just this slut bluffing.

The doctors look at the Dan Furnace that has already turned into broken pieces of copper and iron. All their faces are filled with hopelessness.

It’s over. This time, it’s really over.

Just a moment ago, they really thought that Muyan would be successful.

The greater the hope, the bigger the disappointment.

Among everyone there, only Muyan’s expression hasn’t changed in the slightest. Her fingers are still moving gently on the Tian Mo Qin.

Dense Internal Force coils around her fingertips, pouring into the Tian Mo Qin.

During that period of time, there’s also another unseen energy mixed in.

Along with the Internal Force seeping into the Tian Mo Qin,

Indeed… it’s Spiritual Power!

“Haha, Ghost Slave, why are you still just staring blankly? From now on, Jun Muyan is definitely yours!”

Shi Lanling reveals a sadistic smile, darkly saying, “Wait until her meridians are destroyed, and however you want to play with her or abuse her, it would all be at your liberty!”

Hearing what she said, the Ghost Slave has his pair of turbid yellow eyes burn brightly.

He licks his lips, zit-covered cheeks slightly shaking from excitement. He makes his way towards Muyan, “Madam Enchantress, a moment of Spring Night is worth a thousand gold. Since you and I are already husband and wife, I think there’s no need to wait, follow me into the bridal room now!”

“Fuck off! You disgusting beast!” Dr. Song immediately steps forward, his body is still on the verge of collapse, but it suddenly releases pressure all over, “As long as I’m still alive, I won’t let your filthy hands touch Jun Muyan!!”

More doctors up the ante with their lives, wanting to guard in front of Muyan.

But Han Ye’s movements are faster than theirs.

The long sword strikes out, firmly pressing against that Ghost Slave’s chest. With a grim laugh: “If you have the ability, move another step forward.”

To actually dare to covet the future Mistress of their Polar Domain, haha, he’s truly tired of living!

Liu Se sneers: “Han Ye-daren, what are you doing – if you agree to bet, you must accept to lose. Even if you are the Dark Lord’s subordinate, you still have to be reasonable.”

“If the Dark Lord, as well as Han Ye-daren, really want to force people, I’m afraid that the Dark Lord’s prestige in the Ghost City would be completely obliterated from now.”

Shi Lanling immediately goes along, “The gamble is Jun Muyan’s to deal with. Don’t tell me that you’re going to back out now that you’ve lost?”

The atmosphere is on a state of mutual hostility, tensed for action.

“Ah–!” from the direction where Muyan is playing, they suddenly hear Dr. Wang cry out in surprise, “Pill Condensation, it’s still at Pill Condensation! The process of Alchemy is still not over!”


“What joke is that?! The Dan Furnace has exploded, how could it possibly still be at Pill Condensation?!”

With this shout, everyone’s attention is immediately drawn towards it.

No one believes that a Pill Furnace that as already blown up might still continue refining Pills.

But the scene that enters their eyes next-

It overturns everyone’s imagination.

Each and every one of them are made to widen their eyes in shock, simply unable to believe what they’re seeing.

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