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Chapter 520: Playing the Qin for the Dan Furnace

With fingers on the Tian Mo Qin, Muyan gently strums.


Then there’s a flash of light, and that Chi Gu is already in two pieces, falling midair.

Disregarding Liu Se’s unsightly complexion, Muyan waves a hand, and those burning halves of the Chi Gu flies straight into the Dan Furnace.

Joining the fire.

She smoothly sits down in front of it, calmly and unhurriedly placing one herb after another into the Dan furnace.

Neither fast nor slow, she says: “Whether I’ll lose or not, how could we know without trying?”

Liu Se glares fiercely at Jun Muyan, the expression showing in her eyes is unspeakably bitter.

But Shi Lanling suddenly bursts out laughing: “I thought you had some sort of ability, but as it turns out, you were really studying my alchemy from scratch! Hah, in a little while, I’d like to see how you’re going to Condense a Pill!”

With those words, everyone notices it-

The drug ingredients that Muyan has selected, as well as their quantities, they really are exactly the same as Shi Lanling’s.

With that move, all the surrounding doctors show looks of anxiety.

On the contrary, the people on the Ghost City’s side are all jeering and scoffing, overflowing with disdain.

“So she really couldn’t refine Pills! Still, she actually dares to compete against Shi-xianzi in alchemy, simply too ignorant about the immensity of heaven and earth.”

“Ghost Slave-daren really has great fortune! After this, such a lovely woman will certainly be yours!”

The Ghost Slave creepily laughs, making the doctors at the side all turn deathly pale.

At last, the handling and placement of the herbs are finally done.

With the burning flame, the drug ingredients begin to dissolve.

Next, Internal Force would be introduced, and Pill Condensation will begin.

At least half of the entire Great Hall is waiting to see Muyan make a fool of herself.

But beyond everyone’s expectations-

Muyan doesn’t place a hand over the furnace to pour her Internal Force.

Instead, she picks up the Tian Mo Qin next to her, and starts to gently pluck the strings.

Everyone is immediately struck dumb, not understanding what she means by doing this.

Shi Lanling stares blankly, then she suddenly laughs heartily: “I’ve never witnessed someone play music to a cow*, and I’ve never even heard of playing the Qin to a furnace. Jun Muyan, you don’t honestly think that after those herbs listen to the sound of your zither, they will just gain sentience and move by themselves to condense? Hahahaha…”

idiom: doing good to an unappreciative/deaf audience

All the people around Shi Lanling laugh.

Almost everyone believes that Muyan is in a death-struggle.

They’ve never before heard of someone being able to concoct Pills by playing the Qin.

But along with the sound of the zither reverberating through the area,

The flames within the Dan furnace roars higher and higher.

And it faintly emits a clear and pure silver glow.

Unexpectedly, those now-dissolved herbs are slowly starting to show signs of condensing.

“How… how could this be? Just by playing the Qin, how could it possibly prompt the Dan Fire to condense the herbs?!”

“Can’t you guys feel it? The sound of Dr. Jun’s zither contains Internal Force.”

“Could… could one truly be able to condense Pills through the sound of the Qin?!”

In a split second, the insolent smile on Shi Lanling’s face freezes.

Seeing this scene, each and every one of the doctors show expressions pleasant surprise.

“I’ve heard that Dr. Jun is also called the Music Healer. That’s because whenever she treats a patient, she can get rid of the ailment through music. I didn’t expect that she could also use the zither sound to refine medicine.”

“This is really brilliant, a godly skill!”

Shi Lanling stiffly stares at the slowly condensing Elixir inside the Dan Furnace, willing it to crack under her glare, “Impossible! How could this happen?! How could this slut possibly condense a Pill by just playing the Qin…”

She has yet to finish what she’s saying,

When that bronze furnace tripod suddenly starts to shudder violently, producing a creaking sound.


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