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Chapter 519: Fighting Chance

For if it is at third level, Muyan might have had a fighting chance.

But if it’s a fourth level Pill…

That’s fourth level ah!!

Even Master Jian Feng of the Heavenly Road Sect, the best Elixir that he could refine so far is only at fourth level as well.

Furthermore, the success rate isn’t high at all, and normally, in one furnace, he could only refine a single one.

But Shi Lanling has refined two level-four Elixirs in one go.

How could this not make the crowd of doctors feel despair for Muyan?

Perhaps it’s because of that bet:

This time, the one who steps up to check the level of the Elixir isn’t the usual Ghost Envoy.

Instead, it’s that ugly Ghost Slave beside Liu Se.

He strides forward, takes a Pill, sniffing and carefully examining it.

Then his splits his mouth open, revealing yellow teeth in his widening smile: “Fourth level, Vein Shield Dan. Taking this Pill, one can withstand a full strength attack from a primary Precelestial Stage practitioner.”

As soon as he says that, the whole audience goes silent.

Then an uproar erupts through the Ghost Envoys.

“It’s actually a fourth level Vein Shield Dan, able to withstand a full-strength attack of a primary Precelestial practitioner, that is truly a life-saving Elixir indeed!”

“Shi-xianzi really proves herself to be the most talented alchemist of the Yanwu Continent. Only at her early thirties, but an alchemist that has already reached the standard to refine fourth-level Pills. She’s truly someone that would leave others in the dust.”

Words of high praise wash over Shi Lanling like a tide.

Even those doctors who had just disparaged her, each and every one of them turns pale, hopelessness across their faces. They couldn’t say another word.

Shi Lanling just feels that the resentment she has accumulated for the past three days, it now loosens up, dispersing as it is vented clean.

She stares darkly at Muyan, saying in ridicule: “Jun Muyan, you’ve been watching for so long, have you learned my secret method of Pill Condensation? Haha, could it be that you didn’t? Would you like me to give you another demonstration?”

Muyan gives her a profound look, a trace of comprehension in her eyes, but also slivers of astonishment and pity.

It seems like Shi Lanling is infuriated by that hint of pity in her eyes.

Her face suddenly transforms, sneering: “What are you staring at? Jun Muyan, even if the draughts you refine really are of the best quality, this is alchemy. Do you think you can do it after just watching?”

“If it’s really so easy, the number of people who can perform alchemy in the entire Yanwu Continent wouldn’t be as rare as a phoenix feather or a unicorn horn.”

“My advise, it’s best that you just step down now, admit defeat and don’t waste our time. I reckon that sky is already bright outside, that’s just great, I think we could have Ghost King Liu officiate the wedding for the two of you.”

At the side, that Ghost Slave promptly grins once again, the way he looks at Muyan is filled with depravity.

It could be because his mouth is split wider this time, that he not only reveals two rows of dark yellow teeth, but also red mincemeat stuck between the teeth.

“Madam Enchantress, this slave very much looks forward to having the wedding festivities with you, to tie the knot!”

Han Ye couldn’t help but unsheathe the long sword in his hand.

A grim and sinister chill spreads throughout the entire Great Hall, “Could you say that one more time?!”

The dense aura of death changes the look on that slave’s face, and with a mocking laugh, he retreats all the way back.

It’s at this time that Liu Se steps forward, and with a smile that isn’t a smile: “There is no need for Han Ye-daren to get angry, Miss Jun herself has agreed to the terms of the wager. It can’t be that when things come to a head, you’d want to back out?”

Saying that, she turns to Muyan, her gaze deep, “Miss Jun, if you really want to win, I suggest you behave and take the Chi Gu. This way, you might still have a fighting chance.”

Proceeding with what she said, she waves of a hand. That disgusting bug that had just crawled out of her mouth flies towards Muyan.

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