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Chapter 518: Stealing the method?

The rules of the match are very simple.

The Ghost Wind Valley will provide two identical sets of drug ingredients.

These sets contain as many types of herbs as possible, and most of them are rare ingredients of considerable value.

Using these herbs, Muyan and Shi Lanling could make almost any Elixir they want to refine.

Shi Lanling disdainfully glances at Muyan, and takes the initiative to stand before her Dan furnace.

Her hands are slim and good-looking, but her nails are currently painted the gaudy red of balsam extract.

As she takes the herbs beside her and places them into the Dan Furnace, her fingernails shine and gleam, like scooping up a handful of blood, exceptionally ominous.

Following the first two drug ingredients entering the Dan Furnace, Shi Lanling’s movements get faster and faster.

In selecting the herbs and throwing in the right quantity, she barely hesitates or pauses.

Even those doctors who extremely loathe her at this moment, they also cannot help but exclaim in admiration at her proficient movements in alchemy.

Just then, Shi Lanling turns her head to look at Muyan, and sees that the other still hasn’t started yet, just looking at Shi Lanling with intent eyes instead. She could only scoff and smirk.

“Jun Muyan, I thought you had some ability, for you to think that you could beat me?”

“So it turns out that you plan to observe and steal the secret method of Pill Condensation while I refine Pills!”

“Hahaha… put that thought to rest. If the method of Pill Condensation was so easy to learn, it wouldn’t be called a Secret Method.”

“Slut, you’re bound to lose today!!”

Shi Lanling continues with the task on hand while unrestrainedly taunting Muyan.

But Muyan’s expression doesn’t change in the slightest, looking quite inquisitive as she watches Shi Lanling attentively.

She really is quite curious.

By conjecture, Alchemy requires Spiritual Power in order to condense the Pills.

That’s the secret key that she only figured out after reconstructing her Spiritual Root.

And there’s no Spiritual Power in the Yanwu Continent.

She really wants to know what method Shi Lanling is going to employ in order to condense a Pill.


After taunting Muyan, Shi Lanling haughtily snorts and no longer pays attention to her.

She goes on with performing alchemy instead.

As she urges the flame, the drug ingredients begin to blend.

At last, it’s finally the last step, the most important step.

Pill Condensation!

“This… why is the flame blue-green?” everyone around suddenly cries out in surprise.

That’s because they discover, after injecting Internal Force into Shi Lanling’s Dan Furnace,

The flames actually begin to change color.

Along with the change in color of the Dan Fire, Shi Lanling’s skin also becomes clearer and more lustrous.

Seeing this scene, Muyan slightly narrows her eyes, looking indescribably dark and gloomy.

A brief quarter of an hour later, a faint medicinal fragrance wafts out of the Dan Furnace and spreads throughout the entire Great Hall.

The doctors that are already worried for Muyan, they become even more uneasy at this moment.

“This… this scent? Could it be a third level, first-ranked Elixir? But it doesn’t seem like that either!”

“I once happened upon a third level Elixir in the Ghost City, but this scent is richer and more enticing than that third level Pill.”

“Im… impossible, if it’s richer than a third level Elixir, don’t tell that it’s at fo… fourth level?!”

Shi Lanling raises her chin, standing up proudly.

Soon after, a Ghost Slave comes forward and opens the Dan Furnace, taking out two shining, white-as-jade Pills from inside.

Examining the appearance of these two Pills, as well as the medicinal fragrance that they emit-

The crowd of doctors immediately go ashen, their eyes filling up with despair.

“Two… in one breath, she has actually refined two.”

“That… that is just a third level, first-ranked Elixir, right? There’s no way it could be at fourth level, yes?”

Some are unresigned as they ask, hoping to get an answer that they want.

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