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Chapter 517: The Price of Losing

“What nonsense are you saying?!” Han Ye immediately bellows, preparing to charge towards that slave and Shi Lanling.

But Muyan pulls him to stay.

From what they’ve discussed, Muyan knows that Han Ye and the others couldn’t interfere too much with the affairs of the Yanwu Continent.

More than that, they cannot just casually harm a person of the Yanwu Continent, or they will suffer Heavenly Retribution.

The doctors at the side are also talking all at once, raining curses on Shi Lanling.

“Shi Lanling, don’t push too far. If you’re going to have an alchemy competition then do that. To actually come up with such a sinister scheme against a little girl, you’ve no sense of shame!”

“Humph, I remember that man from a few nights ago, the one Shi Lanling tried to seduce with her naked body – he was probably Dr. Jun’s man. This woman must be jealous of Dr. Jun, so she came up with such a method!”

“Little girl, you must never agree to her!”

Just then, Liu Se’s terrible, gloomy face finally reveals a smile, “What? Miss Jun, you don’t have that much confidence in your own standard in alchemy? Now, you wouldn’t dare to make a wager?”

“Since Miss Jun herself thinks that she’ll lose, and doesn’t have the guts to gamble, then I’ll just forget about it. I just didn’t expect that the so-called future wife of the Dark Lord would actually be such a gutless weakling, unexpectedly throwing away even the Dark Lord’s face!”

Shi Lanling grinds her teeth and sneers: “Jun Muyan, what do you amount to, how are you worthy of that man! Since you wouldn’t dare to make a bet against me, I think it’s better for you to obediently leave the Dark Lord’s side. How could trash like you be worthy of the Dark Lord?”

Before Shi Lanling could finish what she’s saying, the young woman’s low, sweet-sounding laughter suddenly echoes within the Great Hall.

This laughter makes Liu Se and Shi Lanling stare blankly, when the pair have just been spurred into responding to the negative remarks.

Soon after, they see Muyan raise her head, beautiful peach blossom eyes curved with overflowing ridicule, “You two could really go on and on with so much nonsense. But after talking for quite a while, haven’t you only spoken of what would happen should I lose?”

“What if you lose, Shi Lanling? What price do you intend to pay?”

Shi Lanling is stumped at first, then she soon huffs a laugh, “Me, lose? You think I could lose? Jun Muyan, where did you get that self-confidence, to think that I could be outdone by a waste like you, who has never concocted a Pill before?!”

But Muyan looks calm beyond words, “How would you know that I couldn’t do alchemy?”

“Haha, if you could really do alchemy, you needn’t look for me to refine that Nine-Holed Golden Dan from back then. Jun Muyan, did you think that bluffing would scare me? Are you an idiot?”

At the side, Han Ye couldn’t help but roll his eyes: If you’re not the idiot, who else could it be?

Muyan is as calm and unruffled as before, speaking neither fast nor slow: “Since Shi-xianzi is that confident, let’s do it like this,”

“If Shi-xianzi loses, I won’t demand to have your flesh and blood consumed by the Chi Gu, such an ugly death. But proper behavior is based on reciprocity, I’ll only want your meridians destroyed, and never be able to practice medicine or do alchemy. What do you think?”

A change comes over Shi Lanling’s complexion.

That’s because Muyan really looks too calm, too confident.

Could this woman really perform alchemy?

No! Absolutely impossible!

That Dark Clouds Spirit Flower was so precious, and this woman desperately wants to draw Di Jun’s attentions. If she could really concoct Pills, why would she possibly let Shi Lanling refine the Nine-Holed Golden Dan?

Moreover, at the Ghost City back then, Jun Muyan had a very unhappy expression when the topic of alchemy was mentioned.

It’s obvious that she couldn’t concoct Pills!

Thinking of this, Shi Lanling speaks through gritted teeth: “Fine, it’s decided!”

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