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Chapter 513: I will win

If they’re all going to die here today, the study of medicine in the Yanwu Continent will fall back by at least thirty years.

And the cause of all this, is merely their covetous thoughts towards the secret method of Pill Condensation!

But at this very moment, Muyan, who extracted a Gu unaided, has made them see hope.

This young girl, not yet twenty years old, yet she has such medical skills that are fantastic to the extreme.

She could even refine draughts capable of regrowing dead flesh and bones.

(Dr. Song’s chest wound, downing just a single bottle of draught, and he heals completely in a wink of an eye.)

Such a good seedling, rarely seen in ten thousand years, a spark of fire that can improve the art of healing in the Yanwu Continent by a whole realm – how could they allow her to be snuffed out?

And so, right now, all the doctors who were previously greedy for life and afraid of death – they rise up.

They stand in front of Muyan.

Even Dr. Wang, who had once ridiculed and laughed at Muyan, both his legs are shaking as he also stands in front of her.

They spread out arms that are emphatically not strong, like an eagle guarding a chick, they hide Muyan behind them.

Muyan dazedly looks at this scene, and she couldn’t help but raise a hand and press it against her own chest.

In that space of her heart, which should be icebound and firmly clutched by hatred-

She doesn’t know why, but right now, a warm current wells up.

This warmth washes through every cell of her entire body, making her taste bitterness, feel ashamed, and yet moved beyond words.

Muyan takes a deep shuddering breath, and she parts the crowd of doctors blocking in front of her.

She directs a faint smile towards Liu Se and Shi Lanling, “All right, I will compete against you in Alchemy!”

“Little girl, don’t be impetuous!”

“Right, that Shi Lanling, even old Song couldn’t compete against her, how could you be her match?”

“Dr. Jun, you’re an expert in drugs and medical techniques, there’s simply no need to have a trial in alchemy against that contemptible woman. She’s already been immersing herself in alchemy for nearly ten years, and you’re not even two decades old right now. How could you possibly rival her?”

The doctors around Muyan are all anxious. One after another, earnest an well-meaning, they try to persuade her.

“Little girl, stop acting brave this instance. We’re just a bunch of old farts braving death, but that’s overall better than having a little girl like you drop dead. You better run away at once!”

Muyan looks at the various anxious faces scolding her. Even though they speak with harsh words, they are filled with concern towards her.

Her brows and eyes bend frivolously, and she reveals a respectful smiling expression. Slowly stooping down to bow, “Elders, thank you for your care. But this match is between me and Shi Lanling. Still I ask all the Elders to believe in me. I will win.”

In a short while, everyone’s a bit stunned.

When the girl before their eyes smiles, it’s as brilliant as the blazing sun, outstripping all the flowers that bloom, nothing more beautiful can be imagined. But it’s not because of that-

But it’s because her smile is filled with self-confidence and intractability, as if saying ‘what Liu Se, what Chi Gu, what Shi Lanling – they are but mere insects in her eyes.’

She Lanling doesn’t see that expression on Muyan, but she hears the other’s words. She immediately shows contempt, “Jun Muyan, why are you still wasting words, hurry up and take the Chi Gu so you can challenge me!”

“I simply couldn’t wait to see, after you lose to me, that appearance of a dried corpse consumed by the Chi Gu. Hahaha…”

Muyan brushes her clothes, unhurriedly turning around.

Peach blossom eyes sparkle like the gleaming reflection of waves in sunlight, deep and bottomless, but with neither a thread nor a hair of panic.

She merely sweeps her gaze over Liu Se and Shi Lanling, only then does she heedlessly say: “There’s no need to take the Chi Gu. If you want to have a trial in Alchemy, then let’s begin right away.”

As soon as she says this, Shi Lanling and Liu Se are both stumped for words.

Then, Liu Se quickly wrinkles her brows, her ice-cold gaze falling on Muyan like a blade.

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