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Chapter 514: No need to eat it

Shi Lanling sneers as she says: “Not going to take the Chi Gu? Without the assistance of the Chi Gu, can a mere waste like you refine an Elixir? Stop dreaming. Or are you thinking that even if you lose, as long as you don’t take the Chi Gu, you could still escape a tragedy?”

“Haha, Jun Muyan, you’re really too naive. My advice is that you better eat the Gu bug right away, and maybe you could also have the qualifications to measure your hand against mine. If not, your death would only be more unsightly!”

Saying that, she waves a hand.

A Ghost Envoy immediately carries a small black cup, handing it before Muyan.

Muyan has a smile that isn’t a smile, not moving, “I said I don’t need it, so I don’t need it. Ghost King Liu only asked us to do alchemy, but she didn’t say that we must take the Chi Gu in order concoct Pills.”

“That isn’t up to you!” Shi Lanling speaks through gritted teeth, “I don’t care about whatever the hell you’re planning, but today, you’re going to eat this Gu bug whether you want to or not!”

“Someone come, stuff the Chi Gu into her mouth, I’ll see how she could still be arrogant.”

Hearing the order, the Ghost Envoy who’s holding that small goblet deftly picks up the small black bug inside.

His hand must’ve undergone some unknown special treatment.

The Gu bug makes contact with his skin, but it surprisingly didn’t directly burrow inside, remaining quiet and calm instead, like it’s sleeping.

That Ghost Envoy picks up the Gu bug and slowly approaches Muyan.

Just when the bug gets closer and closer to Muyan, it seems to come alive all of a sudden, as it forcefully shoots out from the Ghost Envoy’s hand.

It’s as if Muyan’s flesh and blood strongly attracts it.

Liu Se’s eyes light up, and in the way she looks at Muyan, apart from hatred, there’s a bit more suspicion.

This is the first time she feels that her Gu bug is so excited and worked up.

Even the mother Gu within her body seems to have been affected, as it begins to get restless within her.

There must be something special in this woman’s flesh that attracts them!

In a moment, that terrifying pitch-black Gu bug is about to make contact with the snow-white surface of Muyan’s bright and translucent skin.

Muyan snorts, her fingertips faintly drumming in the air in a wave-like pattern.

In an instant, along with a silvery flash of light, there’s an almost imperceptible hum of a zither.

Soon after, there’s only a slashing sound, and in a flash, the Chi Gu that was still mid-jump just a moment ago is split into two.

At almost the same instant the the Chi Gu is chopped in half, the bug is caught by a blue flame.

It burns that Gu into ashes.

Even the Ghost Envoy has his fingers burnt black. He takes quite a while to come to himself and react, producing a miserable shriek.

Shi Lanling has been waiting for the frightened and panicked look on Muyan after she swallows the Chi Gu.

Who knew that it would so easily and skillfully be neutralized by this woman.

Her features instantly distort. Snarling in a harsh voice: “Trash, what are you all still dawdling about for! With so many Chi Gu, I don’t believe that she could escape them all! Hurry and do it!”

Hearing the order, the Ghost Envoys immediately rush over like a swarm of bees.

All of them holds a Gu bug in their hands.

Muyan chuckles, flipping her wrist. In a split second, a sleek and simple zither appears with a splendor in her hands.

Slender, unadorned fingers gently strum on the strings.

The melody of Shining Spears and Armored Horses resounds through the entire Great Hall.

With it, sound blades shoot out at a speed that the eyes cannot follow.

Muyan knows better than anyone, that if she lets these Gu bugs fall to the ground, they will burrow everywhere an indiscriminately.

Even if she’s not worried for herself, the other doctors would certainly suffer a disaster.

And so…


The zither sounds turn into blades, flying out to all directions.

But each one accurately strikes the bugs in the Ghost Envoys’ hands.

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