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Chapter 512: Stand in front of Muyan

To hear Magistrate Liu show no quarter in saying that she’s inferior to Muyan, Shi Lanling’s face fills up with malevolent ire.

Liu Se looks as indifferent as before, but there’s a chill within her gaze as she stares at Magistrate Liu. The corners of her mouth lift up, revealing a terrifying smile, “Is that so? The draughts refined by the Enchantress of Medicine are really better than Elixirs?”

“Yes, yes! This subordinate dares to use his life as guarantee!” hearing Liu Se speak like that, Magistrate Liu thought that he could persuade her, so he quickly says, “In the Ghost City, the draughts refined by Miss Jun sell much higher than Shi-xianzi’s Elixirs. Her skill in medicine is also widely recognized as one of the best, if it’s her, she would definitely be able to save the Ghost Lord!”

Magistrate Liu barely finished his speech, when someone suddenly and unexpectedly clutches his neck.

Then a black foggy mass assails his face, shrouding his entire head.

A keen wail comes out of Magistrate Liu’s mouth, and at a speed visible to the naked eye, his face turns green then becomes purple.

Indented spots appear on his skin.

Liu Se swings her arms, throwing the now-unconscious Magistrate Liu to the ground.

Sneering: “Ben Wang said that the Ghost Lord could only be treated with an Elixir, so he can only be treated with an Elixir. Who do you think you are, that you dare to make thoughtless remarks in front of Ben Wang.”

“Since you so very much want to use your life to vouch for it, then Ben Wang shall help you fulfill it immediately!”

Shi Lanling was originally worried that Liu Se would truly be convinced that Jun Muyan is better than her, but as she witnesses this scene, she immediately bursts into uninhibited laughter: “Jun Muyan, did you hear that? You can only use alchemy if you want to save the Ghost Lord.”

“So what if you can refine godly draughts? In the end, they’re just draughts. How could they compare to Elixirs?”

Her heavily-painted face is filled with unbridled arrogance and hatred.

It’s as if she’s already seeing how, in a moment, the Chi Gu will suck Muyan’s flesh dry, her miserable appearance of dying without an intact corpse.


Dr. Song shrugs himself out from the desperation of imminent death, and he’s right in the middle of being overjoyed from unexpectedly surviving that awful Chi Gu.

But Liu Se and Shi Lanling’s shamelessness is like a stick hitting him in the head, making him shake from head to foot out of anger.

These scum, they… they’re absolutely not looking for a doctor to come and check up on the Ghost Lord.

They just want to all these doctors be eaten up by the Chi Gu.

“I… I will compete against you! I’ll have another round with you!”

Dr. Song couldn’t attend to his weakness from excessive blood loss. He’s shouting loudly while tugging at Muyan’s sleeve. Then he lowers his voice and says: “Little girl, hurry and leave, hurry and leave this place!”

“I noticed it earlier, you’re not afraid of the Poison Smog. I’ll help stall them for you, you… quick, run!”

Shi Lanling snorts, disdainfully looking at Dr. Song, “You look half-dead already, why would you challenge me? There’s no Chi Gu inside your body, you can’t even condense a Pill, again, how can you compete against me!”

“In that case, let this old man face you!”

“No, I challenge you!”

“Shi Lanling, Liu Se, you’re really taking us as pushovers! So what if the Chi Gu eats me until there’s practically nothing left? This old man will fight you!”

Dr. Du, Dr. Jiang, Dr. Li… each one of them a person of prestige and great renown, they all rise up to stand in front of Muyan.

Just a moment ago, every one of them had still been filled with fear towards death and the Chi Gu.

But at this instant, all of them have their chests overflowing with righteous indignation, brimming with self-possessed tenacity in facing death.

It’s not that they’re fearless of death, it’s not that they don’t want to live.

But they know that on this day, the Ghost Wind Valley will not let a single one of them get away.

And if old guys like them are going to die, then they’re going to die.

However, they cannot allow the medical heritage of the Yanwu Continent to be severed.

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