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Chapter 511: So this is a Chi Gu

Liu Se also reveals a cryptic smile, and with her rough, crackling voice: “Since you lost the alchemy competition, Dr. Song, you can only turn into food for my Chi Gu.”

Dr. Song’s pupils slightly contract, obvious dread and horror in his eyes.

Anyone who saw the corpses’ devastation with their own eyes, how the Chi Gu fed on meat and blood, and hollowed out their hearts – there’s no way he wouldn’t be frightened.

Soon, he feels an acute pain at the location of his heart.

There’s also the cold despair from his vitality draining out little by little.

Just as he closes his eyes, intending to give up on his life-

A hand suddenly grasps his wrist, pressing on a vein.

Astounded, Dr. Song snaps his eyes open, only to see a peerlessly beautiful face very close to him.

Then, before he could react-

The girl’s steady voice enters his ears, “Dr. Song, excuse me!”

A pair of slender white hands suddenly tears his clothes open.

His now-emaciated chest is exposed.

One after another, silver needles pierces into his body.

With the increasing number of needles piercing him, pure Mysterious Energy flows through the silver needles, into his acupuncture points, muscles, and veins.

Dr. Song unexpectedly feels the pain in his heart, as well as the chill on his body, subside little by little.

Following that, he feels a sharp twinge from the skin of his chest.

The girl in front of him is holding a blade in her hand, and with an extremely efficient movement, she cuts his chest open.

Soon after, a hand rises and a needle falls.

When everyone comes to their senses to react, Dr. Song could no longer support himself, weakly falling to the floor.

On Muyan’s hand, she’s already stabbing a black bug the size of an adult fingernail, using a needle.

–Chi Gu!

The black bug that was stabbed through by a silver needle is struggling violently, letting out a strange, ear-piercing sound.

But as Muyan operates her Internal Force, the needle lights up with a scorching flame.

That Chi Gu immediately burns to ashes.

The whole audience goes quiet once again, one would hear it if a pin drops.

Then Muyan goes on to discard the silver needle, pats off the ashes on her hands, and shows a charming but provocative smile towards Liu Se, “So this is a Chi Gu!”

Her tone is brimming with disdain.

That instant, Liu Se’s eyes turn incredibly cold, her whole body exudes a powerful pressure and murderousness.

That pressure and killing intent is almost suffocating, making the recently ecstatic doctors once again sink into panic.

Muyan’s expression also becomes serious.

This time, it’s not just an illusion.

She could clearly feel that this Liu Se has a cultivation higher than her.

Even the breath coming out of her body is far, far greater than what belongs to the Yanwu Continent.

Similar to the pressure that could sometimes leak from Di Ming Jue and his group.

Just then, Liu Se slowly speaks with her hoarse, unpleasant voice: “To extract a Gu unaided, Miss Jun’s medical skills really made me gasp in amazement. Since the Enchantress has this kind of skill, I think that the next person to compete should be you! What do you think, Shi-xianzi?”

Shi Lanling suddenly bursts out laughing, “Good, very good! Jun Muyan, I’ve been waiting for this moment to compete against you, I’ve been waiting for quite a long time indeed!”

At the side, the Magistrate Liu who hasn’t spoken until now, finally couldn’t help but come forward.

In a trembling voice: “Respected Ghost King, even though Miss Jun couldn’t do alchemy, she could still refine godly draughts, their effects are even better than Elixirs. In addition, her medical skills are truly superb, few could match her.”

“Since it’s for the sake of treating the Ghost Lord’s illness, why don’t we let Miss Jun go in and try it now, no need to do alchemy. This subordinate dares to guarantee, the draughts refined by Miss Jun are absolutely better than the Elixirs refined by Shi-xianzi!”

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