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Chapter 495: Why unhappy
    But this glance makes her heart sink down a bit.
    That’s because this is the first time that as she looks at Di Ming Jue,
    And Di Ming Jue is looking at another woman–
    Shi Lanling!
    One can say that the rooms provided by the Ghost Wind Valley to the doctors are very luxurious.
    The furnishing inside are incredibly extravagant, everything that should be there is on hand.
    Each room is allocated with four elegant, clever and intelligent little servant girls.
    Muyan waves them away, and after making certain that nobody is spying around, she flashes into the Space.
    “Niangqin!” Xiao Bao pounces into her embrace, attachment filling up his raised little face, “Niangqin, Xiao Bao has been properly cultivating.”
    The fat rabbit also hops twice, letting out howling sounds: Me! I’ve also been properly cultivating!
    Muyan reveals a gentle smiling expression, stroking Xiao Bao’s head, as well as the fat rabbit.
    “Nianqin is now going to refine a type of Elixir, so look out for me. You must warn me if anyone approaches.”
    Xiao Bao nods seriously.
    Holding the fat rabbit, he sits next to Muyan, but he places his full attention outside the Space.
    Muyan takes out a furnace tripod, and ignites the Dan Fire.
    This time, she wants to refine an Elixir that can suppress the miasma of the Ghost Wind Valley.
    From the moment she entered the Valley, she immediately felt the wisps of gloomy cold air eroding her muscles and veins.
    Perhaps it wouldn’t matter for a short period of time, long-term exposure on the other hand…
    Or if the miasma becomes a little denser, she’s afraid that it will bring about a bad effect on her.
    When the Yin air that she breathes into her body becomes too much, it could also corrode the Space.
    Of course, Muyan will not allow such a thing to happen.
    Zither sounds ring out little by little, and the Dan Fire within the furnace burns more vigorously.
    A good while later, six Pills eventually take shape.
    They are unlike that first batch of Elixirs that exuded a fragrance that awed countless creatures over a great distance.
    The six Pills this time are very ordinary.
    Muyan stuffs one to Xiao Bao and the fat rabbit.
    Then she also swallows one herself.
    Xiao Bao obediently swallows the Pill down, then he turns to look at Muyan. He hesitates for a moment before saying: “Niangqin, why are you unhappy?”
    Muyan stares blankly.
    She’s unhappy?
    Why is that so?
    Is it because Di Ming Jue looked at another woman?
    She knits her brows, strokes Xiao Bao’s head, and pulls out a smile, “Don’t worry, baby. Niangqin isn’t unhappy. I was just thinking on whether to give Han Ye and Ying Mei some Pills as well.”
   Hearing that, Xiao Bao immediately nods, “Give. After taking the Pill, Xiao Bao feels the cold and uncomfortable feeling on my body disappear.”
    “Niangqin is so awesome!”
    Xiao Bao’s “Niangqin is so awesome” phrase is purely his willful adoration and faith towards Muyan.
    Indeed, if this kind of Elixir becomes known to the other people in the Ghost Wind Valley-
    They would have their jaws fall off from shock.
    See, what about the Ghost Wind Valley has always frightened people the most?
    It isn’t the strong guards within in, but this [Poison Smog] that corrodes people’s lungs and internal organs.
    Without the appropriate antidote, if someone inhales a certain amount of the Smog, he would feel pain and be limp all over, left without any power to resist.
    This is also why, even if it’s someone on the Precelestial Realm,
    Once they enter into the Ghost Wind Valley, they might not be able to come out alive.
    The Valley’s [Poison Smog] has existed for hundreds of years, and it has been studied for the same amount of time, yet there’s never been anyone outside the Ghost City who has deciphered it.
    But at this very moment, Muyan refined an Elixir that could resist the [Poison Bog], only on using her body’s contact with it as a basis.
    If something like this is spoken out loud, who would believe it?

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