EMHS – CH496

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Chapter 496: What are you planning
    Muyan hesitates for quite a while, but she nevertheless leaves her room noiselessly, making her way to the outer chambers.
    The sky is already completely dark at this time.
    She softly pushes open the door to a room, but the interior is covered in black and totally empty.
    Di Ming Jue isn’t in the room?
    Muyan slightly frowns.
    At this hour, where would Di Ming Jue be if he isn’t in his room?
    But since the person isn’t here, she has no reason to stop over.  She turns to go to the direction of Ying Mei and Han Ye’s room.
    As a matter of fact, she also knows the peculiarity of Di Ming Jue’s physique.
    Ghost Wind Valley’s Poison Smog, perhaps he simply doesn’t place it in his eyes.
    Before she could go out however,
    She suddenly hears the sounds of footsteps and speaking voices from outside the door.
    Upon hearing the familiar voice, Muyan halts her steps, and subconsciously ducks behind the screen.
    “Di Jun, don’t walk so fast. Lanling won’t be able to keep up with you.”
    The door is pushed open, and the candles are lit.
    Soon after, Shi Lanling’s voice could clearly be heard, seeming like her throat is pinched to be frail and childish.
    Muyan unconsciously clenches her fists, tightly pursing her lips into slits.
    Not because of the sound of Shi Lanling’s affectations.
    Rather, it’s because she hears another set of footsteps and breath pattern, those are– Di Ming Jue’s.
    In a split second, her form becomes faint.
    Her breath completely vanishing into the Space.
    Without energy fluctuations, without careful examination, nobody would be able to sense her presence at this moment.
    Muyan leans a little to the side, through the small gap of the ornately carved wooden screen-
    She could vaguely see the silhouette of a man and a woman.
    Di Ming Jue sits on the chair, slowly turning a teacup in his hands.
    Those handsome and noble features appear bright and dazzling under the candlelight, in a way that’s too eminent and distant to reach.
    And not so far away, Shi Lanling stands, in a daze as she stares at his face.
    Appearing as if she longs to come near, but afraid to do so.
    “Di Jun, the matter that Lanling had suggested to you earlier, what do you think of it?”
    Di Ming Jue regards the cup in his hand, his expression cold and detached. He doesn’t answer.
    But Shi Lanling seems to be completely ignorant of his indifference, as she still dazedly gazes at him, then says,
   “Di Jun, you’re not a person from the Yanwu Continent, are you perhaps from the Xiuzhen Continent that everyone years for? Everything in the the entire Yanwu Continent, be it people or objects, it’s only natural that they won’t enter your eyes, Di Jun.”
    She takes a step and then another, a little bit closer to Di Ming Jue.
    The power and pressure coming out of the man’s body is almost rendering her incapable of gasping for breath.
    But it makes her increasingly overwhelmed, obsessed and desirous: “For Di Jun to come to the Yanwu Continent, there must be something that you seek here. That Jun Muyan is but a mortal woman with a child, one who has long lost her purity. For Di Jun to lower your noble self to stay by her side, it must be because there’s something on that woman’s body that Di Jun has designs for?” 
    In an instant, her heart seems to constrict from a ruthless grip.
    Muyan unblinkingly fixes her attention to the man’s face.
    However, there’s not the slightest bit of change on the man’s expression.
    It’s as if he’s listening to an insignificant statement.
    Soon after, he indifferently looks at Shi Lanling, “Oh? In that case, do say, what is Ben Jun’s scheme?”
    Hearing Di Ming Jue’s question, Shi Lanling’s eyes immediately go bright.
    Ecstasy flits across her face.
    Liu Se is right. Such a powerful man wouldn’t want Jun Muyan, that broken shoes. Sure enough, it’s because he wants something from her body.
    In addition, she also knows that the bastard child isn’t Di Ming Jue’s.
    It was born from Jun Muyan’s illicit relations with an unknown wild man from long ago.

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