EMHS – CH494

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Chapter 494: Separate
    She fiercely glares at Muyan, her face filled with twisted resentment. But in the end, she still clenches her teeth and says: “It… it was my mistake, I ask Miss Jun not to take offense.”
    Muyan looks at her with a smile that isn’t a smile, “I’m sorry, Shi-xianzi, but I don’t see the sincerity in your apology.”
    Shi Lanling’s white face turns green, green turns to purple, purple to black. Ultimately, she has no choice but to stiffly make salutations towards Muyan, “My mistake, I ask Miss Jun to forgive me!”
    The Valley’s guards at the side, as well as Dr. Wang and his medicine boy, each and all of them have their eyes open wide. 
    They look like they’ve seen a ghost.
    These two, one is the Ghost King of Huang Yao, and the other is Shi-xianzi, who is the only one who can do alchemy within the Ghost City.
    But now, in order to urge a young girl to stay, they go as far as to humble themselves and apologize.
    This… this Enchantress of Medicine, is her skills in medicine really so formidable?
    The draughts that she refines, are they really so miraculous?
    Even the Elixirs that Shi-xianzi refines, are they actually no better than hers?
    It’s only natural that Shi Lanling could feel the curious and pitying gazes of the surrounding people.
    With how high and unattainable her position is within the Ghost City, never has she received this kind of humiliation.
     At this moment, she seriously wishes she could pounce over and dismember this slut, Jun Muyan, into ten thousand pieces.
    But unfortunately, she must bear it.
    Muyan is calm and unruffled as she looks at Shi Lanling in mockery for quite a while.
    Only then does she heedlessly borrows a donkey*, “Since Shi-xianzi is so sincere in her apology, then I’ll accept it. However, Shi-xianzi has committed such a low level mistake over and over again, it really makes me doubt – with this level of intelligence, can you really concoct Pills that could help people? When you’re doing alchemy, you don’t make mistakes in handling the main drug ingredients, do you?”
  • exploit an advantageous position
    “Perhaps, I should be so bold as to guess that the Ghost Lord’s illness has now turned for the worst because you, Shi-xianzi, had given improper medical treatment?”
    “Haha, if so, the Ghost Lord is really too pitiful!”
    Muyan’s words sound like a joke, but the Valley guards uniformly turn to look over at Shi Lanling.
    On the faces of quite a few guards, there’s even the color of suspicion showing.
    Shi Lanling already has a purple complexion, and after hearing those words, she feels her vision go black. She’s on the verge of a break down, almost to the point of fainting.
    Jun Muyan, this slut, slut, slut!! She must kill her as soon as possible!
    Deriding Shi Lanling enough, Muyan enters the Ghost Wind Valley at Ghost King Liu Se’s invitation.
    “The Nether Hall in the Ghost Wind Valley is divided into the the inner and outer chambers.”
    “The ill-stricken Ghost Lord is currently convalescing in the inner chambers. All the doctors are also going to stay in the inner chambers.”
    “However, your entourage is not allowed to go inside the inner chambers, so they can only stay on the outer chambers.”
    Behind the mask, Liu Se’s eyes subtly watches Muyan, “Miss Jun surely wouldn’t mind, I hope?”
    Muyan has yet to say anything, when Ying Mei and Han Ye are already protesting: “How could this be allowed? By yourself, Miss Jun, if there’s any danger…”
    “Haha, our Ghost Wind Valley has sincerely invited Miss Jun to come and treat the Ghost Lord’s illness. How could there be any danger here!”
    Shi Lanling snorts, as she casts a glance towards Muyan, her eyes are brimming with disdain and provocation, “Or do you mean to say that Miss Jun doesn’t even have a drop of courage, that she would absolutely insist on having someone by her side, and only then dare to stay in the Ghost Wind Valley?”
    Muyan slightly raises her long eyebrows, stopping the protests from Han Ye and the others.
    Matters that must occur will always come to be.
    It’s not her style to shirk and cower.
    She would actually like to see, for Shi Lanling and Liu Se to insist on separating her from Di Ming Jue and the others, in the end… what do they want to do?
    Before turning around, Muyan couldn’t help but look towards Di Ming Jue.

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