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Chapter 493: She has Di Ming Jue
    Furthermore, unlike the last time they saw each other, those ugly white patches on Shi Lanling’s face have already completely disappeared.
    Her appearance is even more beautiful than before the White Jade Purple Frost Powder.
    Seeing Muyan, Shi Lanling clenches her teeth, killing intent from bitter resentment filling up her eyes.
    But Muyan doesn’t even deign to spare a peripheral glance to her, opting instead to fix all her attention towards the masked person who’s completely wrapped from head to toe.
     This individual slowly makes their way out of the Ghost Wind Valley, and that cold and gloomy atmosphere from inside the Valley seem to twist around the person’s body.
    This makes the initially strange and malicious breath become even more sickening.
    “I’ve long looked forward to meeting you, distinguished Enchantress of Medicine. This humble one is Ban Yue City’s Ghost King, Liu Se.”
    Liu Se–!!
    Muyan’s pupils suddenly contract.
    Could she be that “Liu Se” that Muyan had heard of in her previous life?
    She truly didn’t expect that Gong Qianxue’s hands had actually stretched out this far already.
    Not just Jing Cheng Country, even Huang Yao’s Ghost City has entered into her pocket as well.
    So apparently, this time’s “Treating the Ghost Lord” is probably the real trap.
    Muyan slowly narrows her eyes, subconsciously holding out a hand, wanting to grab something.
    Had she only been by herself right now, she wouldn’t be afraid.
    But Xiao Bao is inside her Space.
    In case something bad happens to her, Xiao Bao would surely be exposed before people, and he will come to harm.
    This is something she will never allow even if she dies.
    This small hand that had reached out in panic is suddenly held by a warm, large grasp.
    A man’s body slowly draws near, and his deep and low voice is almost imperceptible as it reaches her ears, “Don’t be afraid, Yanyan.”
    “I am always by your side.”
    As soon as his voice falls, Liu Se’s form immediately goes stiff, she even recoils a step back.
    A pair of cold, harsh eyes dart between Muyan and Di Ming Jue.
   They show a tint of alarmed suspicion and restraining fear.
    The body pressing up against her is making Muyan have a clear awareness of Di Ming Jue’s body temperature, his heartbeat, as well as his unique and incomparable scent.
    That small bit of uneasiness that remains in her heart, at this moment, it fades away and disappears.
    That’s right!
    She still has Di Ming Jue.
    Xiao Bao and her, they also have Di Ming Jue.
    Immediately after, her thoughts abruptly come to a halt. She becomes a little annoyed, and somewhat absent-minded.
    Just when did she start to become so trusting of this man, becoming so dependent on him?
    Indeed, she already swore that in this life, what’s most important is only Xiao Bao and vengeance.
    Before she’s finished with revenge, in no way could she be infected with such an unstable factor like feelings!
    Muyan takes a deep breath, and breaks away from Di Ming Jue’s hand, resuming her usual languid calm.
    As this is her enmity-!
    Of course, she must avenge it herself!
    The corners of her mouth rise up to a shallow arc, “The way Ghost City shows it’s warm welcome, time and time again, is to disregard my good faith, and play me for a fool? This way of expressing how you ‘long looked forward to meet me’, my humble self couldn’t afford it. What Shenshu, what cooperation, I think it’s better to forget about it from here on out!”
    Saying that, she moves to walk away.
    Liu Se never thought that she would just leave this simply.
    Her brows couldn’t help but crease, “Wait!”
    Liu Se quickly opens her mouth to call for Muyan to stop, “Today’s issue is of my Ghost Wind Valley’s incompetence in handling matters, yet I ask that Miss Jun mustn’t take offense. Your name was accidentally deleted by Shi-xianzi. Shi-xianzi, why are you still idling about, hurry and apologize to Miss Jun.”
    “You’re making me apologize to this… apologize to her?!” Shi Lanling screeches out incredulously.
    However, Liu Se’s eerie and callous gaze sweeps over to her.
    Shi Lanling’s complexion turns white, showing a look of obvious fear.

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