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Chapter 492: Another Misunderstanding
    “Don’t tell me you guys don’t know who she is?” Magistrate Liu reproachfully says, “Ghost City’s newly-named Shenshu-daren, Tianyuan City’s Enchantress of Medicine who [Stymies the Underworld from Seizing Life], the one you’ve all been hearing of, you guys don’t know?!”
     “Enchantress of Medicine?!!” the first one who cries out is Dr. Wang, “You-you’re that Enchantress from Tianyuan City, who is said to be capable of regrowing dead flesh and bones?!”
    That’s right! This girl’s method and level of medicine just now, wasn’t it precisely to regrow dead flesh and bones?
    Magistrate Liu ignores him and continues to say: “Even if you haven’t heard of the Enchantress’ name, I presume you should’ve heard of the Godly Apothecary before? The finest draughts sold in Ghost City these days, most of them are refined by this Miss Jun. Have you all eaten bear hearts and leopard guts? Actually daring to doubt her identity, even daring to stop her outside?”
    “If you delay the Ghost Lord’s treatment, even if you have ten lives, I’m afraid that they wouldn’t be enough to compensate!”
    As this was said, Dr. Wang’s body sways and he falls to sit on the ground with a thud.
    Each of those Valley guards are even more frightened, their complexions turning deathly pale as they all sink to their knees.
    How could they have expected it?
    That Enchantress of Medicine who could regrow dead flesh and bones.
    That Godly Apothecary who refines the draughts that are sold in the Ghost City for an extremely high price.
    That it would actually be this girl in front of their eyes, who appears no more than eighteen or nineteen years old.
    Listening to Magistrate Liu’s incessant fawning and blabbing, and watching as the guards repeatedly kowtow to beg for forgiveness-
    Muyan looks indifferent.
    She lightly pats off the grime and blood that have stained her hands.
    The blood has dried up and she couldn’t pat it off. Just as she’s about to give up,
    Someone suddenly grabs her hand and wraps it with a soft wet cloth, gently wiping.
    Very quickly, the blood has been wiped clean.
    Muyan subconsciously raises her head, looking at that cold and handsome face of Di Ming Jue.
    To her surprise, as she makes contact with the man’s eyes, she couldn’t see beneath their depths.
    For they are filled with her own reflected image.
    Muyan’s heart jumps, and she unconsciously pulls her hands back. It takes her quite a while to calm her own mind.
    She softly coughs to cover up her drumming heartbeat.
    Turning towards Magistrate Liu with a cynic gaze, “I just want to know one thing. This guard said that I’m not in the list of invited doctors. May I ask if the Ghost City doesn’t wish to work with me from now on? Or does the Ghost City have any complaints with me?”
    “Since there are some gripes about me, it would be better that we don’t force ourselves to work together.”
    Saying that, she turns around with hardly any reluctance, “Then ‘till we meet again- oh, wrong. We probably wouldn’t anymore!”
    “No, no, no, Miss Jun, it’s not like this! Please listen to me, this is a misunderstanding, really just a misunderstanding!”
    Muyan acts like she wants to leave, like there’s no room to save the situation this time.
    Right at this moment however, she hears a hoarse voice.
    “Please stay, Enchantress of Medicine!”
    Muyan stops on her tracks, slowly turning towards it.
    Not far from them, an individual slowly makes their way over. The whole body is completely wrapped up, and the face is covered with a mask, that one couldn’t tell if it’s man or a woman.
    As this person comes near, Muyan’s heart rises up in warning.
    Her instinctive reaction to crisis is tightening every nerve on her body.
    This person is very strong!
    With an even higher cultivation than her.
    More than that, this kind of strength is emphatically not just from reaching the peak of Precelestial cultivation.
     It’s more because of a certain, suspicious and sinister breath coming out from the person’s body.
    This kind of breath is somewhat similar to that Enforcer Li from before, the Poison Man that Qian Qing made.
    But this is far stronger than Enforcer Li.
    Following behind this person, wearing an elegant goose yellow clothing, Shi Lanling flutters with the air of a fairy.

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