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Chapter 491: Pig Teammate
    “You… what are you playing at?!” Dr. Wang shrieks, “My hand is severed, you people cut it off, how could it possible be healed? I’ve been practicing medicine for decades, and I’ve never so much as heard of such a medical technique! She-devil, release me at once!”
    But Muyan no longer pays attention to him.
    Instead, she aligns the palm with the wrist, takes out needle and thread, and begins to sew them up.
    Conscious and without anesthesia- muscles, veins, and skin are sewn together. One simply couldn’t use words to describe this kind of pain.
    The entire Ghost Wind Valley echoes with Dr. Wang’s miserable, pig-like, blood-curdling howls.
    Later, it reaches the point where he couldn’t scream out at all.
    Only the sound of pleas remain, “This old man is wrong, I was wrong, please let me go… it hurts… it hurts, it’s really too much for me, wuuu…”
    Just at that time, Muyan finally cuts the excess thread and reveals a satisfied smile, “All right, suture complete.”
    Each and every one of the Valley guards are green-faced from horror and shock. Coming to their senses, “You… you don’t really think that sewing together severed limbs like that is already considered a medical procedure, do you?”
    Muyan slowly raises her eyes.
    Flipping a wrist, a porcelain bottle appears on her hand.
    She slowly pours out the medicine from the bottle unto Dr. Wang’s hand.
    Soon after, the scene that takes place renders them dumbstruck.
    They watch as that bloody wound on Dr. Wang’s hand, which is stitched together with some thread, actually begins to fuse and heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.
    As Muyan pours the draught, she removes the thread from the stitches.
    After a number of breaths, only a scar, which seems rather like a centipede, remains on Dr. Wang’s wrist.
    Dr. Wang’s eyes go wide, incredulously looking at his own hand.
    Subsequently, he subconsciously moves his fingers.
    “Aaah, they move! The fingers move!”
    “How… how could this be?! How could a disconnected palm be sewn back, and how could it just be just as good as before?!”
    Dr. Wang is overwhelmed with shock as he looks at Muyan, then he looks at his own hand again.
    There still seems to be some remnants of that awful pain on his wrist.
    But as he moves his fingers, he truly, genuinely feels the existence of his own hand.
    Moreover, along with the passage of time, his awareness of this hand is getting stronger and stronger.
    It’s as if he’s never seen it fall off.
    “Im… impossible… in this world, how can there be such a medical procedure?”
    Furthermore, the one who had used this technique is… is a girl who’s still under twenty.
    Dr. Wang raises his head, fixedly staring at Muyan, his voice trembling, “You… who exactly are you?”
    “Shenshu-daren, you’re here! Why do you stand there and not come in?”
    From within the Ghost Wind Valley, they hear the sound of an old man yelling in pleasant surprise.
    With large strides, Magistrate Liu comes up to welcome them. Hands held in front, he repeatedly bows towards Muyan, inviting her to enter. He looks indescribably respectful and ingratiating.
    “Shen… Shenshu?” every one of the Valley guards are quite dumbfounded.
    They know what the ‘Shenshu’ signifies.
    However, it’s already been a long, long time that the Ghost City is without a Shenshu.
    How could they suddenly have one today?
    And it’s even such a young girl?
    “Magistrate Liu, just who is this girl in the end…?” finally, there’s a guard who couldn’t help but say, “She has an invitation card, but there’s no record of her name here, that’s why we didn’t dare let her in.”
    “Imbecile!!” hearing what the guard said, Magistrate Liu wishes he could just thrash this pig teammate number two.
    As if it wasn’t enough to have Xu Fu in the Ghost City-
    Now, how is it that even these Ghost Wind Valley guards as all so unreliable?

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