EMHS – CH490

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Chapter 490: A demonstration for you
    Faced with such a battle, even for a Heaven Stage master-
    It wouldn’t be possible to gain the upper hand.
    However, the smug expressions still haven’t fully settled on the faces Dr. Wang and his medicine boy, when their faces go stiff all of a sudden.
    Bam bam bam!
    One after another, they hear the sounds of fist and flesh hitting each other, as well as the shrieks and screams of men.
    One, two, three… ten… twenty… 
    A brief tea time later.
    Those fierce and fearsome guards of the Ghost Wind Valley sprawl face-down on the ground, not one of them could get up.
    Moreover, only one person mowed them down.
    It’s that delicate and pretty youngster in black, Ying Mei!
    “You… just who are you people?!”
    One of the Valley’s guards issues an indignant question, pinched in his hand is a signal flare he wants to fire.
    “Didn’t I say? I’m a doctor who was invited to come and treat the Ghost Lord’s illness.”
    Muyan slowly steps forward, chuckling as she looks at the Valley’s guards.
    Her countenance is exquisite and extraordinarily beautiful, smile lovely and brilliant, befuddling the guards for a moment.
    Soon after, a guard promptly yells out: “No… impossible! The people that are invited to come and treat the Ghost Lord, they are all outstanding and well-known senior doctors and apothecaries on Yanwu Continent. You’re just a young girl, how could possibly have that kind of consummate medical expertise?”
    “You doubt my medical expertise?”
    Muyan scoffs, turns to Dr. Wang, and curls a finger to beckon, “Then why don’t I make a demonstration right here, so you can take a good look.”
    At this time, Dr. Wang has his heart welling up with pure fear.
    He turns around and tries to run.
    Before he could run two paces, however,
    He’s subjected to what seems like a pull of an invisible force.
    He moves backwards in spite of himself.
    There’s an expression of alarm on his face, “She-devil, what did you do? Why… why can’t I control my body?”
    Muyan, who initially wanted to grab the guy back herself, turns her head to look at the man standing beside her.
    She can’t help but raise her lips up in a smile.
    Dr. Wang sees that he couldn’t struggle and get away at all, and a vicious expression suddenly appears on his face.
    All of a sudden, he whips around.
    Lifting his left hand up, a green light flares inside his firmly clenched fist.
    A cry rises up from his mouth, “She-devil, die!”
    Hand raised, the green powder, carrying a fishy smell along with it, diffuse everywhere.
    But at the same time, Dr. Wang also howls in pain.
    His hand, which was holding the green powder, has actually been severed just below his wrist.
   Falling to the ground, the hand gets smeared with blood and dirt. But it’s still twitching a bit, appearing particularly grisly.
    Clutching where his hand was cut, Dr. Wang ceaselessly rolls about on the ground, letting out miserable shrieks like a dying pig.
    Muyan unhurriedly walks over, picks up that severed hand, and comes before Dr. Wang.
    Those Valley guards are also frightened by this scene, their complexions turning green and pale.
    “What… what exactly do you want to do? Behaving atrociously at my Ghost Wind Valley, aren’t you afraid of the Ghost City’s death warrant?”
    Muyan tilts her head a bit, smiling naturally, her voice sweet and pleasant: “Weren’t you guys questioning whether I have the capability to treat the Ghost Lord? I’m thinking of proving it to you.”
    Saying that, she grabs the palm of Dr. Wang’s severed hand.
    She the gathers that hand, dripping with blood, up from the ground, and sticks it to the open wound.
    “What… what are you doing?” Dr. Wang comes to, bearing the sharp pain as he yells, “Stop messing around! You’ve already been exposed to my [Heart Piercing Powder]. Without the antidote, you’ll die without a burial site!”
    Muyan slightly raises her brows, with a mockery of a smile, she says: “Dr. Wang could really crack a joke. My person injured you, and I also feel very sorry about it. So now, why don’t I heal you up?”

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