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Chapter 489: Pretense
    Even though her appearance is beautiful beyond compare, no matter how you look, she’s only an eighteen or nineteen year old girl.
    How is possible for her to be some famous doctor or apothecary?
    Such a person would dare to come to the Ghost Wind Valley to treat the Ghost Lord’s illness?  It is to vie for the Secret Method of Pill Condensation?
    Wouldn’t that be a joke?
    “Dr. Wang, please come in!” after the guard checks the the old man’s invitation card, he immediately hands it back respectfully, making a gesture invite him in.
    Taking the card back, Dr. Wang doesn’t go in right away, opting to look at Muyan in ridicule instead.
    He doesn’t believe that anyone in their group is qualified to come and treat the Ghost Lord.
    It must be known, that among the famous doctors of Yanwu Continent, he himself is already considered young.
    When he made his name, he had already been about forty years old as well.
    But in the next moment, Dr. Wang’s eyes widen with some measure of shock.
    That’s because the beautiful girl, whom he thought is the most unlikely one to be a doctor, actually takes out an invitation card that is exactly the same as the one in his hand.
    How… how is this possible?
    An eighteen/nineteen-year-old girl could actually be a famous doctor invited by the Ghost City?
    While he’s shocked, he suddenly hears the guard produce a soft sound of surprise.
    “This Miss Jun, apologies. Though there’s no problem with your invitation card, I don’t seem to have your name written here on the doctors invitation list.”
    Hearing what the guard said, Muyan raises her brows in surprise.
    “Ha… I don’t know which bumpkins have come, but to actually dare to pretend to be a senior doctor, do they think that the Ghost Wind Valley is just like any other place? Want to come in so just come in? A bunch of idiots!”
    The medicine boy by Dr. Wang’s side could see that his family’s Master doesn’t like Muyan’s group.
    Seeing their identities invalidated by the the guard, he immediately snorts out loud.
    Hearing what was said, Dr. Wang places both hands behind him, his face haughty as he says: “This old man was just wondering how the people of the Ghost City could be so stupid, unexpectedly inviting such silly little girl that’s still wet behind the ears, to come and treat the Ghost King. As it turns out, it’s a shameless fraud!”
    “Humph, how can they have an invitation card, knowing that this Ghost City invitation is only for, at least, senior level doctors of Xuan Medical Pavillion.”
    That medicine boy speaks while looking Muyan up and down. Seeing her flawless countenance, he couldn’t help but reveal a vulgar smile, “Master, maybe this woman is some respected doctor’s ** and furnace, so she only has an invitation on her hand, but no name registered…”
    Before he could finish what he’s saying, a figure suddenly appears in front of him.
    They hear two snaps.
    Two great slaps hit him on the face. He lets out a miserable shriek, suddenly spurting out a mouthful of foamy blood with broken teeth.
    Not knowing when, Ying Mei has already arrived in front of him.
    A sharp blade unsheathed, she slowly brushes it by his neck, “Wash your mouth! Believe it or not, I’ll cut your tongue off.”
    “Guards! Guards! What are you all doing just staring about?!” Dr. Wang abruptly comes back to his senses, immediately raving in hysteria, “This group of people forged an invitation card, pretended to be a doctor, and are now raising their hands here at the Ghost Wind Valley’s boundary, don’t tell me you people won’t handle this?”
    The guards’ faces turn cold, and it’s at this moment that they react and come over. To their surprise, Ying Mei is already starting in front of them.
    They don’t even see Ying Mei’s movements clearly.
    “Altogether, everyone, grab them!”
    “Bring them to the Ghost King for punishment!!”
    With a harsh shout, dozens of the Ghost Wind Valley guards rush out, seeming to appear out of nowhere.
    Each of them are at the level of Earth Stage peak or higher.
    Dreadful pressure oozes out from the entrance of the Ghost Wind Valley, making people feel terrified.

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