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Chapter 488: The Lady’s decree
    “Miss–!!” at this, Ru Yan and the others really go into a panic, “Miss, we won’t dissuade you from going anymore! But you must take us along with you!”
    Nevertheless, Muyan’s stance is decisive, directly ushering the people to go out.
    But just as she shuts the door and turns around, she is gathered into an embrace.
    A man’s familiar breath assaults her senses.
    “Can Ben Jun come along with Muyan?”
    Muyan tilts her head up and casts him a sidelong glance, “Can I stop you?”
    This time, Di Ming Jue doesn’t take take advantage of the situation to flirt.
    Instead, he stares deeply at her, unhurriedly saying: “When you have any desire that you wish to accomplish, Ben Jun can help you reach it.”
    “If you have anyone you want to kill, Ben Jun can help you kill.”
    “Anything, whatever you want, even the moon in the heavens, Ben Jun will pluck it down for you.”
    “But there’s only one thing that I’ll never allow.”
    Di Ming Jue hooks her chin, urging her to slowly tilt her head up, “Muyan, you have to make sure that you will not allow yourself to be harmed, and never ever disappear from my life.”
    Muyan dazedly stares at the blue eyes that are closing in, and she feels as if her very soul is being sucked inside.
    The man’s resolute and decisive voice is just like a vow, like spell that lingers in her ears.
    It makes her heart fall a little deeper, unable get herself out.
    It’s only a good while later that she comes back to her senses, then a faint smile rises up at the corners of her lips.
    “Di Ming Jue, this is my grudge. Of course I have to exact it myself, no one else is allowed to intervene, not even you. Understand?”
    The man stares deeply at her, then he lowers his head and indulgently kisses her upturned jade nose.
    “If my Lady decrees it, Ben Jun wouldn’t dare”
    Scoundrel, who is your Lady!
    Can you stop getting more proficient!
    Ghost Wind Valley, located at the common border of Huang Yao and Jing Cheng.
    It isn’t a part of Huang Yao, nor does it belong to Jing Cheng.
    In the strictest sense, it doesn’t even belong to the Ghost City.
    For this area is incomparably sinister, frightening, but also mysterious.
    In the past, only the highest ranked Ghost Kings were able to enter and exit this place safely.
    However, even though the Ghost Wind Valley is such a dreadful place-
    The doctors and apothecaries who have come to treat the Ghost Lord’s illness are still too many to count.
    The reason, is that the reward which the Ghost City offers is something that makes everyone, those who study medicine and refine drugs, absolutely unable to refuse.
    –The Secret Method of Condensing Pills!
    Thinking of this reward, Muyan couldn’t help quirking her lips up into a cynical arc.
    While writing this invitation down, Shi Lanling was thinking that even if she knows it’s a trap, Muyan will definitely jump in still.
    Perhaps it’s precisely because of this reward?
    Shi Lanling probably thinks that she still couldn’t do alchemy.
    And she wants to obtain the Secret Method of Pill Condensation no matter what.
    As Muyan arrives at the entrance of the Ghost Wind Valley, it’s right when an old man with grizzled hair and beard is taking out his invitation card, letting the Valley’s guard check it.
    Looking over from the entrance, there’s a dense fog within the Ghost Wind Valley.
    At a closer distance, one could even sense wisps and strands of bone-chillingly frigid wind.
    As soon as Muyan nears the entrance, she feels a vigilant gaze come over.
    But she only sees that old man looking up and down, sizing up Muyan’s party of four. Soon after, he shows a suspicious look, “You guys are also doctors that are invited to consult the Ghost Lord’s illness?”
    Although he posed it as a question, he couldn’t hide the disdain in his eyes.
    Indeed, the four of them – Muyan, Di Ming Jue, Han Ye and Ying Mei – none of them fits the image of a doctor.
    From head to foot, Di Ming Jue has converged his breath, making people unconsciously overlook his existence.
    Han Ye and Ying Mei also appear to be just ordinary, good-looking, young men.
    Not to mention Muyan.

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