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Chapter 317: Stay Put
    Nevertheless, Muyan’s smile is even more splendid, “If you want to know how to solve it, remember to secretly come and find me tonight, zi-shi*”
  • zi-shi=11pm-1am.
    Ying Mei blushes even deeper. What’s once cold as ice and frost, is now tangled up in hesitation.
    From Han Ye’s perspective, he thinks that Ying Mei is blushing, it’s–
    Is he shy from passion and full of tender feelings?!
    No! This won’t do! It cannot continue like this.
    Otherwise, if Jun Shang sees this scene, he’s afraid that Miss Muyan and Ying Mei won’t have a way to live.
    Han Ye is just about to step forward and force the two apart.
    Meanwhile, Muyan doesn’t know when, but she only notices that the flower in front of her suddenly appears behind her.
    And when Muyan still wanted to reach out her hand and tease Ying Mei, someone grabs her collar, pulling her into a chest.
    Muyan only feels that her body has crashed into a rock-like embrace.
    Her shoulders are in pain from the bump.
    Looking up, she immediately comes into contact with Di Ming Jue’s pitch-black eyes.
    Her eyes go bright, “How come you’ve returned so early today? How is Xiao Bao? Is he eating well, is he sleeping well? How’s his progress in his cultivation? Does he miss me…”
    Di Ming Jue’s face is as black as a pot!
    He doesn’t say a word in answer, but lifts up Muyan by the collar and pulls her straight into the house.
    “Hey, Di Ming Jue, don’t you know what it means to be gentle! I’m not resisting but you’re still dragging, you think your hauling a sack!”
    What piques Muyan’s curiosity is how Di Ming Jue doesn’t bring her back to the bedroom this time, but he takes her into a peculiar room instead.
    The kitchen!
    Why would Di Ming Jue bring her to the kitchen?
    Big hands direct her to sit at a chair by the table.
    Muyan is just about to stand up, but Di Ming Jue coldly sends her a glare, “Stay put.”
    Muyan blinks. This man’s anger isn’t small – just how did she provoke him this time?
    In the end, she still sits down and stays put anyways.
    Soon after, the scene that she sees… renders her dumbstruck.
    She watches as Di Ming Jue takes out a blue apron from who-knows-where, and throws it in front of Muyan.
    Slightly raising his chin, he has a proud face as he says: “Put it on Ben Jun!”
    His speaking voice is awfully cold, the grandeur of his entire body is very imperious, very dashing.
    But wait a minute!
    What ghost is making her put the apron on him?
    Apron, Di Ming Jue… this… is this combination also supposed to go side by side and fly under the sun?
    Muyan is dazed and perplexed as she stands up, and ties the apron on Di Ming Jue.
    Afterwards, the golden noble, Jun Shang-daren stands in front of the stove, and begins to skillfully cook.
    Muyan, “…”
    Wait a minute! Is she really not hallucinating?
    Di Ming Jue actually, personally goes to the kitchen to cook?
    Muyan rubs her eyes, and rubs them again.
    And yet the scene before her eyes doesn’t change at all.
    Oh God!!
    Di Ming Jue is actually cooking, even wearing an apron as he does!
    The most remarkable point is how this man is doing something so incompatible, and wearing such a feminine apron – but for some reason, he still seems so handsome and incomparable; the temperament is so aloof and proper, like he’s simply sitting on his throne, overlooking his territory.
    Muyan goes sluggish for a while.
    Then the delicious food is already coming over.
    Di Ming Jue looks cold and detached, even having a faint wrinkle on his brows. He has personally scooped out a bowl of soup, setting it in front of Muyan: “Not eating?”
    “Eat! I’ll eat!”
    Muyan abruptly comes back to her senses, and tastes a mouthful of soup.
    The delicious and savory flavors flood her whole mouth.
    She snaps her eyes wide open and incredulously looks at Di Ming Jue, “The meals during the first few days, did you cook them yourself?”

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