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Chapter 316: Bound for such a long time, not good… for your body
    She pats the dust on her body as she gets up.
    Turning her head, she spots Ying Mei looking at her unblinkingly.
    The corners of Muyan’s mouth immediately curl up, her eyelashes are dense and long like fluttering crow feathers, overflowing with a mischievous and lovely radiance.
    “Ying Mei, if you stare at me so much, I would really misunderstand, and think that you’re already enchanted by me!”
    As she’s saying that, she’s already taking advantage of the other.
    That drop-dead gorgeous features, along with the pair of eyes that ripples with a smile, suddenly appear right in front of Ying Mei.
    A sudden change comes on Ying Mei’s perennial iceberg of a face.
    He hurriedly tries to retreat, but his footing is unstable, so he tumbles backwards.
    Muyan reaches out and seizes.
    She takes the other’s slender waist, dragging him back into her arms. She chuckles: “Be careful, I will feel distressed if you injure yourself in a fall.”
    “You… you…” Ying Mei’s complexion changes again and again, but he stammers and can’t say a word.
    At the side, Han Ye and the black-clothed guards, they seem like they’re looking at a ghost.
    Han Ye only feels like there’s tens of thousands of fierce beasts stampeding in his skull.
    Heavens! Why don’t you just kill him with a thunder-strike!
    Why make him see this scene?!
    Jun Shang has feelings for Miss Muyan, but she’s so close and intimate with Ying Mei, so physical. If Jun Shang were to know…
    Han Ye shudders, and he really doesn’t dare to think about it anymore.
    “Miss… Miss Jun, you… please conduct yourself with dignity, you… you are Jun Shang’s woman… even… also… you also mustn’t cause trouble to Ying Mei!”
    He has a scared face, his words are all stammered out.
    Muyan smiles even more cheerfully, her eyes brimming with an impish light.
    Suddenly, she grabs Ying Mei’s collar and she lands a kiss on his fair and tender cheeks.
    The whole audience goes into a deathly stillness.
    Han Ye’s vision goes black, and there’s only one phrase flapping around in his brain — “It’s over!”
    The black-clothed guards are striving to outdo one another in their retreat, wishing that they’ve never witnessed this scene.
    On the contrary, the one who got kissed, Ying Mei-
    After the initial shock and astonishment,
    He looks at Muyan who’s very close.
    He could see a playful and mischievous twinkling in those pair of peach blossom eyes.
    A single thought suddenly rises in his mind.
    “You… you know…”
    Muyan chuckles: “Know what?”
    Ying Mei bites his lips and doesn’t say anything, holding his own wrist instead.
    Muyan’s brows quirk up, admiring how sharp this “young man” is.
    That’s right, she really knows about Ying Mei’s secret.
    It’s when she dealt with Ying Mei that day.
    Her fingers inadvertently touched this “guy’s” pulse.
    In a flash, everything is no longer hidden.
    A man’s pulse is entirely different from that of a woman’s.
    Outwardly, even if Ying Mei dresses up like man, like a beautiful youth-
    But her pulse cannot lie.
    That’s right!
    Ying Mei isn’t a man, but an authentic and genuine beautiful woman.
    That’s the reason why Muyan teases her again and again.
    Muyan has never come across it before – a woman dressed as a man, and can disguise herself so successfully.
    Completely devoid of any traces of femininity.
    Even that temperament that is as cold as ice and frost, and the harsh chill from her whole body – she’s more daunting and affecting than Han Ye.
    “Don’t you want to know why your chest is always so painful? How it’s influencing your cultivation’s progress?” Muyan leans closer to Ying Mei’s side, lowering her voice.
    Ying Mei jolts, subconsciously asking: “Why?”
    Muyan’s lips quirk up, her smirk is exceptionally evil, “Because, binding them for such a long time, it’s not good… for you body!”
    Ying Mei stares at her dumbstruck, then at a speed that’s visible to the naked eye, her face bursts into red.

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