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Chapter 318: Might… not be able to keep it
    “Naturally.” Di Ming Jue ‘humphs’ disdainfully.
    Who else can make it, if not Ben Jun?
    Muyan is really shocked at this time, “You personally cooked for me?”
    “Naturally!” still the same answer.
    “But, why?”
    He’s clearly a monarch set up on high. Clearly, to him, the people in the entire Yanwu Continent are all just like insignificant insects.
    Clearly… he should be a man that is revered by all people, in all the lands under the heavens, making all the women rush like ducks and love him like crazy.
    Such a man, for what reason would he put on such a ridiculous apron and serve her some soup?
    Di Ming Jue comes a bit closer to her, drawling: “That’s because, Muyan, you’re food is too inedible, it’s not good for your health.”
    Blue veins suddenly pop up on Muyan’s temples.
    This scoundrel! What ‘touching’ – that’s all in the clouds now.
    She hooks her lips up revealing a smile that’s full of ridicule, as well as charm, “If it’s not good for the body, why did Jun Shang-daren eat so much that day? I thought Jun Shang-daren was very satisfied with my work!”
    “Mn, satisfied.” there’s no change on Di Ming Jue’s face, “As long as Muyan made it, I would be satisfied. I wouldn’t mind even if I have to eat it for a lifetime.”
    Muyan stares blankly all of a sudden.
    Only to listen to Di Ming Jue continue: “However, you and Xiao Bao may not. You are weak, and Xiao Bao is still a child, so both of you mustn’t eat those… later on, I would eat the things you make, but I would be responsible for your diets.”
    “I’ve told you, the cook who put out these dishes, you can have him stay with you as long as you like, even forever.”
    Muyan dazedly looks at him. There’s a roaring in her ears, and for a moment, it’s like she’s hearing the deafening sound of her heartbeat.
    Her heart is almost about to jump out of her chest.
     She thinks that there might not be another person in the world like the one before her eyes. For her, he can forget his status, and for her, he can do anything that’s beneath his position.
    Muyan has an ominous feeling in the pit of her stomach.
    If Di Ming Jue’s feelings would always burn so fiercely,
    If, she keeps on interacting with this man all the time, she soon… wouldn’t be able to keep her heart.
    “Why are you just foolishly watching me?” Di Ming Jue frowns, putting food in her plate again. His movements are gentle, but his tone of voice is somewhat not good, “Even if you want to cultivate the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, you also have to eat. Later, if I come to know that you haven’t eaten anything for eight hours, only playing the qin, then you won’t be able to see Xiao Bao again.”
    This time, Muyan doesn’t contradict him.
    Instead, she quietly puts the food that Di Ming Jue is giving her, all into her mouth.
    The dishes are spicy and tasty. In Muyan’s mouth, she could feel a touch of tartness and a hint of sweetness as she eats.
    She could see that Di Ming Jue is still persistently serving her food.
    Muyan suddenly picks up a piece of shrimp, and stuffs it into Di Ming Jue’s mouth, “Don’t you want to taste your own cooking?”
    Di Ming Jue is surprised, but he soon expressionlessly chews the shrimp and swallows it down.
    No one notices his ears quietly turning red.
    The corners of his mouth is also curved up into a gentle arc.
    Immediately after, he lets out a short cough and says: “Ben Jun is also hungry. Continue feeding Ben Jun.”
    He wouldn’t say that his current body simply doesn’t require any food.
    Even in the Yanwu Continent, he wouldn’t feel any hunger at all.
    Muyan blinks, “Aren’t there chopsticks here?”
    The man across her frowns, looking very unhappy, “Ben Jun is tired.”
    Too tired to even eat?
    But he has the strength to give her a huge pile of food?
    Muyan rolls her eyes, but she doesn’t expose the man’s lies.

9 thoughts on “EMHS – ch318

  1. He was already vermin but hes also so damn needy, such a little bi***. Is this what men in China think is appealing to women? No wonder Chinese women love western men! Hehehe.


  2. Eu estou com preguiça de escrever em inglês.
    Estou adorando a história até agora e principalmente a “comida de cachorro”.
    Do Brazil: Obrigada pela tradução!!


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