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Chapter 315: Too great
    Standing at the side, Han Ye and the black-clothed guards don’t feel anything.
    But the flowers, plants, and trees in the whole courtyard look like they’re madly doing their best to grow, swaying in excitement.
    Then, everyone in the courtyard witnesses a magical scene.
    In the short span of eight hours, they actually watch spring, summer, autumn and winter pass in this courtyard – the grand view of the four season.
    Even Ying Mei, who was originally bitterly cultivating in his room, is also drawn out.
    That’s because the green plant that should’ve simply have withered in his room unexpectedly shines with vitality once more, it even blooms.
    Around the courtyard, everyone is holding their breaths.
    Even Ying Mei and Han Ye, this pair who came from the Xiuxian Continent, people who are used seeing the world – they are also stunned and rendered speechless by this scene.
    That’s to say nothing for those black-clothed guards who are “indigenous” to the Yanwu Continent.
    The gaze of every individual as they look at Muyan is filled with awe and reverence.
    Over time, three blue saplings slowly sprout on the only calm piece of land again.
    And on that plant that was originally being eroded by those black spots,
    Those spots quietly retreat from the stem and leaves.
    It’s pale blue color slowly turns into a clear blue like the sky.
    Under the light of the sun, the very small plants produce a radiant luster, simply nothing more beautiful can be imagined.
    Ting dong–! Ding–!
    The sound of the qin slowly ebbs away, until it finally seems to fade into the distant horizon.
    Muyan’s forehead is already covered with fine beads of sweat, her complexion is visibly off and pale.
    That pair of languid and indifferent peach blossom eyes of hers however, are casting an excited bright light.
    That’s because she is already convinced. The Shen Musician’s “Luxuriant Growth” skill can not only encourage plant growth, it can even make even the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower grow, when it cannot for thousands of years.
     Based on the look of things today, as long as she plays this song to these four sprouts for eight hours every day,
    She could very possibly be able to witness a miraculous moment.
    Of course, the most important this is that she would be able to see her baby once the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower blossoms.
    Muyan slowly exhales, but she still feels that her body is on the verge of collapse due to the exhaustion.
    She unhurriedly gathers herself, and once again arranges her fingers over the zither strings.
    The tune is mellow and gentle, like a musical piece that sounds bright and comforting.
    The “Echo Recovery” skill is activated.
    In a split second, Muyan could feel abundant, mellow and rich Internal Force endlessly rushing out from her Qi Sea.
    Besides Han Ye and Ying Mei-
    The other black-clothed guards, each and every one of them show bewitched expressions.
    It’s as if there’s a power that stimulating their Internal Force, permeating their bodies, washing their flesh and meridians over and over again.
    This kind of feeling is really too profound, and too intoxicating.
    At the end of the song, all of the guards still want to continue.
    The way they’re looking at Muyan is filled with intensity and eagerness.
    This girl before their eyes is the Enchantress of Medicine, famous within Tianyuan City.
    From their perspective, they originally thought that the so-called Enchantress is also someone with an undeserved reputation.
    Just like that Godly-something Qian Qing. These people simply won’t put it in their eyes.
    But to truly experience Muyan’s means today, and personally feel the benefits brought about by the sound of the zither-
    They only come to realize how very wrong they were.
    The Enchantress Jun Muyan is really worthy of being the woman that their Master fancies.
    Really too great! Too extraordinary!
    Muyan stretches her body and stands up, the Tian Mo Qin disappears from between her fingers.
    Under the effects of Echo Recovery, the Internal Force that she has consumed has been replenished by 70-80 percent.
    Her pale complexion has also regained it’s red flush.

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