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Chapter 314: Sprout
    However, the Dark Clouds Spirit flower isn’t showing any signs of germination.
    Yesterday, she has practically exhausted all her means, but she’s still unable to find a solution.
    Today, what else can she do?
    If she can’t grow this Spirit Flower from its seeds, will she never see her baby?
    As she’s hanging her head dispiritedly, someone suddenly pushes the door open.
    Han Ye scrambles in, his mouth shouting, “Miss Jun, Miss Jun, you… quickly come outside and take a look!”
    “Take a look at what?” Muyan disinterestedly lifts her eyes and sends him a glance.
    What’s there to see and go out for – even if Di Ming Jue is currently outside, stripped naked and jumping around on sexy dance, she would still…
    Oh, if that’s the case, she’ll go out and take a look!
    “It’s the Spirit Flower! The Dark Clouds Spirit Flower!” Han Ye gasps from being overly excited, he couldn’t keep his speech coherent, “Miss Jun, the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, it… it sprouted!”
    “What?!!” Muyan jumps up from her seat.
    She stares listlessly for a good while, before she abruptly comes back to her wits. What did Han Ye just say?
    The Dark Clouds Spirit Flower sprouted?! It that true?
    When there clearly wasn’t even a little bit of reaction yesterday?
    On the green medicine field, that light blue bud is so eye-catching, so beautiful.
    Even in this blistering hot weather of the early summer,
    That blue stem and its leaves, they seem to form an ice sculpture.
    Under the sunlight, you can even see the the vines inside, like twisted roots and intertwined joints.
   “So beautiful!” Han Ye comes over from behind Muyan, he can’t help but sigh in admiration, “The Dark Clouds Spirit Flower is actually like this.”
    It must be known that within the Three Realms, no one has been able to cultivate the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower for millennia.
    Even though there are many treasures in the Xiuxian World, Han Ye has never seen this Spirit Flower before.
    No one can cultivate it for thousands of years!
    And yet Miss Jun could actually make its seed germinate!
    Han Ye looks at Muyan, his gaze can only be full of worship.
    But Muyan is faintly knitting her brows.
    That’s because, even though the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower has sprouted, she discovers that small – almost imperceptible – black spots have appeared on the shoot.
    Probing and inspecting it with her Mysterious Energy, she could feel that those little black spots are consuming the life force of the Spirit Flower’s sapling.
    And she doesn’t know if it’s just her illusion-
    since Muyan thinks that those black spots seem to be growing bigger and bigger.
    Waiting for a quarter of an hour, she’s finally sure of it.
    It’s not just her illusion, the black spots really are eating the young sprout’s vitality.
    If she ignores this, it will only take about half a day and this little sapling will wither and die.
    According to what’s written in that ancient record in her space, over the last thousands of years, it’s not that there really hasn’t been anyone who was able to germinate the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower.
    Indeed, even though the Spirit Flower could germinate, it would also very quickly wither.
    It simply can’t maintain its growth, not enough to bloom.
    If Muyan doesn’t do anything, her footsteps can only follow these people’s trailing dust.
    After pondering it for a moment, she once again takes out three of the seeds and buries them under the soil.
    The Tian Mo Qin appears out of thin air. Muyan’s figure turns, her white clothes fluttering, and she sits down cross-legged beside the medicine field.
    Han Ye wants to say: the ground is cold and dirty, how can Miss Jun sit here.
    However, the melodious sound of the zither is already playing.
    Under the light of the sun, the girl’s features seem so focused, it dazzles the eyes, making Han Ye swallow down all the words back into his stomach.
    He feels that at this very moment, Muyan is awe-inspiring and ethereal, noble and graceful – people simply wouldn’t dare to disturb, wouldn’t dare to profane.
    Han Ye quietly swallows the words he wanted to say, and he retreats to the side.
    The sound of the zither rises in spirals as it spreads out.

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