EMHS – ch312

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Chapter 312: Cover half the face with a lute*
  • referenced from a story = a woman hiding half of her face with the pipa/lute she’s playing, in order to hide her true feelings; Shyness.
    “Better-looking than your guards?”
    Without a doubt!
    “Better than Xiao Bao’s real father?”
    Muyan is startled. Her expression somewhat resumes to being sober and calm.
    Di Ming Jue sees how she regains her wits at the mention of Xiao Bao’s father.
    It’s obvious how much influence Xiao Bao’s father has on her.
    A certain Jun Shang can only fume with rage between gritted teeth.
    He captures Muyan’s small hand and presses it over his belt, “Why don’t you continue?”
    Muyan’s sight falls on her own hand, and her fingers can’t help but tremble.
    Because of that slight shake, her palm could feel the smooth, supple and strong muscles underneath it.
    It’s feels really nice, it’s making her nose feverish.
    “No! No need! This is enough!”
    If she goes and continues to strip him, she would feel herself turning into a she-wolf, and might directly pounce on this evildoer before her.
    “This is enough?” Di Ming Jue discontentedly quirks up his brows, “But I recall that when Muyan was painting those other men, weren’t they all stripped naked?”
    Muyan forces a laugh: “How can Jun Shang-daren be mentioned on in the same breath as those ordinary folk? Even if they’re all stripped bare, they couldn’t compare with Jun Shang, even when you’re covering half your face with a lute! Don’t you think so too?”
    Di Ming Jue’s complexion goes black.
    What ‘covering half your face with a lute’? Is he a woman?
    In the end, is this little woman complimenting him or not?
    However, he sees Muyan’s face redden so suddenly that water might start to drip out.
    Her eyes are looking at the ceiling and then the floor, not daring to make contact with his eyes.
    Di Ming Jue’s mood gets a little better.
    He releases Muyan’s hand and casually half-leans on the couch. He holds a wine cup in his hand, and lightly takes a sip.
    The man in front of her clearly has a cold and detached expression, his eyes are also not showing any trace of emotion.
    Yet every inch of his entire body, every cell, is oozing with incomparable sensuality and charm.
    Muyan composes herself and animatedly sets out to try and find what looks like black gauze, a semi-transparent outer garment. She loosely drapes it over Di Ming Jue.
    The perfect chest and abdominal muscles are still clearly bared.
    Not only does the semi-transparent outer garment fail to cover anything, on the contrary, the man’s evil charm and arrogance is vividly put out on display.
    Muyan’s eyes are bright in their astonishment.
    All the distracting thoughts in her brain fade away and disappear without a trace. She takes up the brush and begins to paint on the paper.
    Time goes by little by little.
    From nightfall to deep into the evening.
    And the man’s figure on the paper has also become a little more vivid and distinct.
    For the whole duration, Muyan has an extremely focused expression.
    Even the hunger in her stomach, her parched mouth that’s chapping her lips, the exhaustion that’s making her complexion go wan – none of them is giving her a thread of distraction.
    A few strands of hair falls down from both sides of her temples, framing and contrasting her pale features.
    Not the slightest bit does it show haggardness, but instead, it’s making the girl’s snow white skin glisten and shine brightly like precious jade under the moonlight.
    Such a focused Muyan, without her usual laziness and mischief, she exudes a type of beauty that exists between pure and seductive.
    Merely looking at her like this, it could make people’s blood rush – it’s unbearable.
    Di Ming Jue lightly sips his wine.
    Little by little, those pair of ice-blue irises are catching a red fire.
    Indeed, it’s of extreme longing and desire.
    Looking at his beloved woman, it’s as if a beast is roaring to break out.
    Just then, not far from him, the girl puts the brush down, a relieved smile showing up on her face.
    Her clear and exquisite features shine like a bright moon, her beauty is suffocating.
    It appears that Di Ming Jue couldn’t endure it anymore.
    He suddenly gets up, and in a blink of an eye, he’s already right in front of Muyan.
    Muyan shrugs her somewhat sore wrist, contentedly sighing her praises, “Di Ming Jue, this may be my life’s best work… mmph–!!”

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