EMHS – ch313

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Chapter 313: Want Xiao Bao~
    She still hasn’t finished her words, when her dry lips have been suddenly blocked up.
    The man uses his scorching breath and his unique flavor, to plunder her breathing and infiltrate her lips.
    They’re sharing meager resources, but he’s unable to pull away for his life!
    Jun Muyan, you are destined to be mine!
    At the end of the kiss, Muyan’s breathing has become so ragged, and she’s somewhat unsteady on her feet.
    Through gritted teeth, “What are you doing?”
    Di Ming Jue’s voice is hoarse, “Payment for the painting.”
    Muyan: “…” who told you that the painting should be paid this way?
    She struggles, only to find that the man holding her won’t relinquish his grip.
    Muyan can’t help but frown. Her hand pushes the man’s chest to struggle free.
    “Stop flailing about!” Di Ming Jue’s voice is husky and indecent.
    He grabs Muyan’s slender wrist and slowly directs it downwards, and presses it somewhere hard and hot.
    At first, Muyan is stunned and she couldn’t react.
    Then in a flash, her face gets red like it’s burning.
    Even if she acts calm, in essence, she practically doesn’t understand a word in the affairs between a man and a woman.
    Her only past experience is a kind of painful, agonizing, drawn-out ordeal that was like torture.
    It makes her simply not want to remember it.
    On normal days, she can still be bold, and her mouth could say some words to flirt with Di Ming Jue.
    But when it’s really coming to a head, there’s only panic and helplessness.
    So much so, that the painful and unbearable memory rushes up in her mind, making her complexion go white.
    Di Ming Jue sighs softly.
    He releases her hand and presses her into his arms.
    His deep and low voice carries a little bit of an indulging tone, and some helplessness, as it softly says, “Muyan, what am I going to do with you?”
    In the end, what should I do so you’d be willing to forget that already-dead man and accept my feelings?
    Releasing the person in his arms, Di Ming Jue doesn’t stay and linger, as he turns around and leaves quickly.
    He can’t stay in this room for another moment!
    If he waits any longer, he’s afraid that he’ll directly have his way with this little woman that’s gripping his heart.
    Only, he wants Muyan.
    Muyan as she is, whole and complete.
    Be it her body, heart, or name – they should all belong to Di Ming Jue.
    In order for this day to come faster, he can endure it! He can wait!
    Of course, the price of enduring it is rushing himself straight into cold water for some time.
    He then leaves the courtyard to go to the Junji Drugstore.
    Inside the room, Muyan picks the man’s finished portrait up from the table, her expression is a bit absent-minded.
    Eventually, she collects the painting and enters the space.
    Wandering around in the space for a long time, Muyan still doesn’t know where she should hide this painting.
    In the end, she takes out a random book, and places the painting in its pages.
    She slams the book close!
    What remains unseen is deemed to be clean.
    When she lies down on the bed and closes her eyes, Muyan seems to still hear a man murmuring in her ears.
    –Muyan, what am I going to do with you?
    The night gradually sinks deeper.
    At the yard outside the room, on the quiet medicine field, a breeze blows softly.
    Suddenly, the soil on a certain spot on the field shakes a bit.
    Immediately after, a light blue sprout slowly comes out at a speed visible to the naked eye.
    Not seeing Xiao Bao on the first day, she misses him.
    Not seeing Xiao Bao on the second day, she misses him, and misses him.
    Not seeing Xiao Bao on the third day, she misses him, misses him, misses him.
    Muyan gently stirs the fragrant lily lotus seed porridge with a spoon.
    A few days ago, she still had her appetite stimulated with these delicious foods – but now, she’s completely lost interest.
    Even though she knows that it’s a fair price, even though she knows that Di Ming Jue is right-
    Still, Muyan could only feel her good mood waning after not being able to see her baby for such a long time.
    Her whole heart and mind is filled with that cold and handsome little face of her baby.

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