EMHS – ch295

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Chapter 295:
    “Good, good! Really so sensational! Master, they’re truly worthy of being your people, they’re more majestic compared to the guards in the palace. Hurry and arrange yourselves into good poses, I’m going to paint!”
    He lifts up his brush as he talks.
    After a few strokes however, he slightly frowns once again, “I have this feeling that something isn’t quite right, they seem to lack a core point, one with a more explosive strength. Isn’t that right, Master?”
    Muyan nods in agreement.
    There’s nothing good to be said about her apprentice’s martial training, but his talent in painting is excellent.
    Seeing Muyan’s approval, Lou Beiyu’s eyes immediately shines brightly as his gaze shifts to the rest of the Ink Camp members.
    Those people from the Ink Camp who have been gloating all this while, suddenly become dumbstruck. Their complexions changing in color as they make contact with Lou Beiyu’s line of sight.
    They wish they could run.
    Under Muyan’s smiling gaze however, each and every one of these men have their legs shaking, and they don’t dare to budge.
    “Wuu, wuu… Miss, spare us! We didn’t do anything wrong!”
    “Yes, yes! We really didn’t do anything wrong ah! There’s no need to receive punishment, is there?”
    Lou Beiyu has an emotional face as he says: “You guys would be devoting yourselves to art, how can you say that it’s a punishment? Isn’t that right, Master?”
    Muyan’s mouth curls up, her smile is like a flower, her face is resplendent like the blazing sun, and luminous like the moon.
    “Miss.” a deep and low voice suddenly speaks from behind her.
    Chang Yu slowly walks up before Muyan, and kneels down on one knee. With a slight bow, “This subordinate is willing to enter the painting.”
    In an instant, the whole audience goes quiet.
    The Ink Camp’s people blink, and then they pick their ears… but they still can’t believe it.
    Could it be that their Ink Camp’s most outstanding elite, Chang Yu, is stupid?
    However, Chang Yu doesn’t care about anyone’s reaction.
    He simply gets up, directly and efficiently taking off the clothes on his body.
    It reveals a capable, tall, slender, and clean body.
    Chang Yu’s face is covered with knife wounds, rough and unattractive; it’s strange that his figure is exceptionally good.
    The skin is fine, smooth and tight – the expanse filled with honey-colored appeal.
    Even the normally calm Muyan is also somewhat dumbfounded.
    What’s with this turn of events?!
    “Good, good, good! Incredibly good! This is the fulcrum that I want, a unique and unmatched core!”
    Nevertheless, Lou Beiyu is so moved that he jumps up from his seat.
    He sets out in a flitter to take a piece of black cloth, tying it on the other’s waist.
    Chang Yu is pushed to the center of the eight individuals, and he assumes an ambiguous drunk-like pose.
    A stance like this, along with his thin-waisted and long-legged build, it’s actually indescribably fascinating – it could make people’s blood boil.
    Guan Hu and the others, who were originally lacking in cohesion like loose sand, also seem to melt into a whole under his impetus.
    Looking quietly, each detail is the interpretation of the true essence of power and beauty.
    Muyan withdraws her astonished expression from just a moment ago, and her admiring gaze sweeps through this scene, ultimately falling on Chang Yu.
    This is really a scene of beauty that could stir people’s souls.
    Since she could be Lou Beiyu’s Master, her attainments in the field of painting is naturally extremely high.
    That’s why she understands better than anyone, how this seemingly shameful scene can jolt and move a painter.
    Moreover, under such a shock, there’s a faint hint of insight in her heart.
    Her cultivation that has been stagnating for a long time seems to loosen.
    Muyan has a focused expression as she looks at this scene, looking at Chang Yu who’s acting as a fulcrum.
    However, she doesn’t notice how Chang Yu’s drooping lashes faintly quiver.
    He lifts up his eyes every now and then, the gaze looking at her filled with a kind of passion and sentiment.

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